Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Linday Jordan

By Linda Jordan, Seniors Real Estate Specialist –

1. Setting an unsubstantiated asking price

When pricing your home, you want to create interest. Supply/demand, market conditions, location, size, condition and amenities are all considerations.

2. Relying on a pre-sale appraisal for pricing

A pre-sale appraisal is only good for a momentary snapshot in time. A real estate professional will provide up to the minute market activity or “comps” used for pricing information.

3. Failing to stage for showings

The primary goal is to depersonalize and clean! Tidy and decluttered is preferred. Completely empty is typically better than half furnished.

4.  Making unnecessary or inappropriate updates

A real estate professional can guide you on repairs or improvements. Carpet and paint can improve a home if they are chosen appropriately for the area, style and current trends.

5.  Requiring the listing agent to show

Listing agents can create an uncomfortable feeling for buyers. Scheduling can also be challenging, resulting in fewer showings.

6.  Staying home for showings

Seller’s presence creates an uncomfortable situation for buyers.

7.  Ignoring showing feedback

Active buyers and real estate agents are comparing properties so their feedback is helpful. No feedback is usually not positive.

8.  Not hiring the right agent

Experience with late in life transitions and downsizing are essential. A face-to-face experience vs reliance on only technology is important for the senior seller.

9. Inadequate documentation

It’s very important to produce relevant documents. Powers of Attorney, divorce decree, death certificate, trust docs and guardianship are just a few examples.

10. Failure to disclose

Avoid litigation by being upfront about any issues related to the property and past history on the home. The seller’s disclosure is the document where all relevant information should be cataloged.