Texas House District 28 Candidate Gary J. Hale: Soldier, Statesman and Scholar

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Texas House District 28 Candidate Gary J. Hale.

Gary J. Hale was a high school senior when he enlisted in the Army. The country was in the midst of the Vietnam War, and Hale was determined to serve his country. The following six years, Hale served as an intelligence officer with top secret assignments that involved the Soviet Union and satellite nations, as well as the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region.

Following his service, when he sustained two injuries that led him to his designation as a service-disabled veteran, Hale used the GI Bill to attend college. “My family was of limited means,” Hale said. “And the most important thing that I inherited from my father was his encouragement to join the military and to get as much education as I could.”

Hale’s collegiate endeavors took him to Franklin Pierce University in Nashua, New Hampshire, Universidad de Almería in Spain, the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government and Virginia’s Darden School of Leadership.

A Career of Service

In 1979 Hale joined the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) rising to the rank of senior DEA Intelligence Officer operating on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. As an Intelligence Officer, he worked on scores of assignments until he retired in 2010.

Gary J. Hale and wife Rosalind L. Hale.

In his DEA career, Hale served as the Embassy Intelligence Coordinator at the U.S. Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia; authored, edited and published national-level strategic analysis publications as chief of the DEA HQs Intelligence Publications Unit in Washington, D.C.; served on a multi-agency fact-finding panel of intelligence experts commissioned by the U.S. Attorney General; and as the DEA’s National Signal Intelligence Officer, he managed the DEA’s worldwide signal intelligence collection programs and coordinated unilateral and bilateral collection operations with the National Security Agency (NSA).

Following his retirement, Hale joined the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City as a Law Enforcement Intelligence Program Coordinator in 2011, and in 2012, Hale formed The Center for Trans-Border Security Policy. In 2015, he was appointed as the principal investigator for a research project funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and led a team that developed mitigation strategies for the project: “Uncovering Human Smuggling Patterns from Guatemala to the U.S.”

Today, Hale continues his academic research as a drug policy fellow and Mexico studies scholar at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University in Houston, and he is the CEO of his business, Voir Dire International, LLC, based in Katy, Texas.

Specializing in public safety and international security matters, Hale’s business provides pre-employment screenings, polygraph examinations, Spanish language translation, risk and threat assessments, as well as academic research. And now, Hale is campaigning to become representative of Texas House District 28.

“I have had a lifelong commitment to public service, beginning with volunteering during my high school years, then military service, as a police officer in Laredo, Texas and then a 31-year career with DEA,” Hale said. “I believe that public service is a duty, and I want to continue serving because to protect and serve is what I did and what I do.”

Gun Violence

The Hale Family: Adam N. Hale, Natalia Hale Villareal Olloqui, Rosalind L. Hale,
Natalia Grace Hale, Gary J. Hale, Victoria A. Resendez and Epitacio R. Resendez VI.

“There is a social phenomenon that has translated to mass shootings that we are experiencing throughout the nation, including Texas,” Hale said. “There are a number of issues that need to be addressed, and I don’t think our government, at the state and local level, has reached the root of the violence.”

The second amendment — the right to possess and bear arms — is a right Hale adamantly supports. “I am a strong advocate of protecting our constitutional rights,” he said. “But there is a question that has not been adequately addressed: Why all of the sudden is this happening?  We need to determine the motivations of these shooters. Right now we are having a knee-jerk reaction by only focusing on guns. It’s like blaming the car in the car accident. We are trying to blame the instrument, not the motivation behind the action.”

Hale stressed that addressing gun violence requires a strategic and researched approach. “I understand there is an urgency to this given the fact that this violence is happening more and more. But, there is not enough attention being given to the links between the incidents. My approach would be to create a task force to truly address this problem.”


Gary J. Hale

  • Owner and CEO of Voir Dire International, LLC
  • Member of the Examinations Committee for Polygraphs of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations
  • Certified to conduct post convection sex offender polygraphs
  • Six years of military service, received three  Commendation Medals
  • 31 years of DEA service


  • Drug policy fellow and Mexico studies scholar at James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at  Rice University
  • Alumnus of the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government and the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Leadership, focusing on government and public policy
  • • Universidad de Almería, Spain:  Masters in law and judicial policy
  • • Franklin Pierce University in Nashua, New Hampshire:  B.S. in computer sciences

DEA Highlights

  • 1987 to 1990: Served as the Embassy Intelligence Coordinator at U.S. Embassy La Paz, Bolivia. Conceived and implemented Operation Screaming Eagle, and directed a tactical operation that resulted in the capture of Roberto Suarez-Gomez, known as Bolivia’s “King of Cocaine.”
  • 1993: Served a tour of duty at the U.S. Embassy Bogota, Colombia where he participated in the capture of Pablo Escobar and the demise of the Medellin Cartel.
  • 1998: Served at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City where he participated in the capture of head of the Juarez Cartel Amado Carrillo-Fuentes.
  • 2000s: As Chief of Intelligence in the DEA Houston Field Division, he authored a drug policy paper including the first-ever DEA submission to the Presidential Daily Brief.

Political ad paid for by Gary Hale Campaign – Adam N. Hale, Treasurer.


I am a proponent of immigration, but the equation has changed. “There was a time in our history when we used to say, ‘Give me your tired, poor and hungry,’” Hale stated in regards to the topic of immigration. “But we are no longer in the same situation when we, as a nation, needed everyone and anyone to come into the country.”

The nation was growing at that time, he explained, and the country had territory that needed to be populated. “If you don’t populate your territory, you cannot govern it, and you lose it,” Hale continued, citing the histories of Rome and Mexico. “At this point, our country is populated from coast to coast. ‘Give me your poor, tired and hungry’ no longer applies. Now it’s, ‘Give me your educated, give me your investors, give me your taxpayers.’

“This does not mean I am opposed to immigration,” he continued. “What I am opposed to is open borders with no controls. We are a fully functioning nation that needs to remain competitive in this world. Those we allow into this country need to be able to contribute, not just take. Our congress has been stalling in dealing with immigration for almost a decade, and this affects us, Texas specifically,” Hale said, indicating the financial burden states face with an influx of immigrants.

“There’s an exponential increase in the cost of caring for these people, many of whom have little to contribute at this moment. Their contributions may come with the next generation, but at this moment, many have little to give to this country.

“Another key point is this: many are coming in illegally — breaking laws passed by congress — and are not being held accountable for it,” he added. “We cannot be selective of which laws to enforce.” Hale believes to ignore laws on the books is to ignore the rule of law and to go down the slippery slope of selective enforcement.

Human Trafficking

Hale’s third concern is an offshoot to immigration: human trafficking. “The enslavement of a person for profit is happening right now, and it’s happening to a lot of people — women, men and children — regardless of race or nationality,” he said. “It usually starts with immigrants because they are a vulnerable population, but it’s all over the U.S. and is concentrated in large cities, like in the Houston Metropolitan area.

“We have this happening right under our noses. The slavery of days past is happening again, and people are not noticing it or doing anything about it,” he stressed. “We need to address and stop this because it is inhuman and immoral.”

Keeping Texas Strong

Despite all of his accomplishments and attributes, Hale is foremost a husband to his wife, Rosalind, and father to their children, Adam and Michelle Hale and Epitacio and Victoria Resendez. He is also a proud American who is driven to serve and protect others.

“In my 37-year combined government career, I learned how government works. I have operated at the tactical, operational, strategic and policy levels of government,” Hale said. “I have worked in environments from bullets to ballots and that combined experience enables me to make sound legislation decisions on behalf of my friends and neighbors in our district. As your next state representative, I will keep Texas strong.”

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Political ad paid for by Gary Hale Campaign – Adam N. Hale, Treasurer.