Take Control of Hunger and Get Your Figure Back

You can control your hunger by becoming aware! Have you ever found yourself staring down at an empty bag of chips wandering how did that happen?

No one consciously decides to sabotage their diet, but often times your intentions can be blinded by outside forces.  Weight loss is similar to Pavlov’s stimulus-response theory that involved a behavioral approach.  To lose weight you need to be able to define the stimulus. The stimulus is anything that causes you to react and the response is the effect. Through self monitoring techniques, you can get the figure you desire.

Steps to follow before you react:

  1. Are you dehydrated? Drink a glass of water! Your body often confuses hunger and thirst.
  2. Are you bothered by another emotion? Don’t feed that emotion.
  3. Do you really feel physical symptoms of hunger, such as stomach growls, irritability or shakiness/lightheadedness? Once you have taken the time to think about the stimulus, you will be able to determine what your body is really saying.

Choose these foods:

  • Low glycemic foods, such as berries and nonstarchy vegetables. These foods do not raise your blood sugar causing hunger.
  • Lean protein, such as flounder, tilapia and ground turkey. These foods break down more slowly and limit hunger.
  • Good fat/fiber, such as avocados, nuts and seeds. These foods make you feel fuller.

By becoming aware of your body’s message, you will be able to make better choices to control your hunger and weight.

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