Simply Divine: A Katy Home … Before and After

By Claudia Richter

Photography by Country Park Portraits

Many homeowners are nervous about turning the rooms in their homes over to a designer to find the right mix of furniture, art and accessories that will give them the look they are hoping to achieve. The owner of this featured home simply made a phone call to a top local designer – Kelly Nolan of Simply Divine Interiors – and ended up being thrilled with the results. Like many, she wanted to keep key pieces of furniture that she already owned and add window treatments, small furniture pieces and all the extras that make give a home a finished and cohesive atmosphere.

Dining Room



The homeowner wanted to keep her copper table and wine bar, so Kelly Nolan of Simply Divine Interiors found what was needed to finish the room.


Linen panels, a rug, accessories, a mirror and artwork were all it took to bring this dining room to life.


Living Room


Except for a white sectional and an end table, this room was a clean slate.



Once a new rug, a large leather ottoman, additional end table, barstools and accessories were added, this living room went from cold and sterile to warm and inviting.


Master Bedroom


The homeowner regretted her choice of red bedding and was seeking a calm and serene spa-like atmosphere.



Once the walls were painted and new bedding, furniture, window treatments and accessories were added, the new look embodied everything the homeowner had been dreaming about.

Finding a good designer is not hard. Kelly Nolan, Simply Divine Interiors, recommends having an initial consultation first to set things in motion and determine if you have found the right fit. Once you have agreed on a plan, you can expect a presentation of what your designer has in mind.  All this Katy homeowner had to do is come home and find that everything was installed and finished to her specifications. She was so happy with the results that she had her guest rooms and guest bathroom done as well. Many homeowners in need of these services will take them on in stages and add on to a room as they can afford to do so. Nolan says this is a popular trend and likes to work with her client as much as possible to help them have a beautiful home.