September 2019 – Exclamation Points

Delia and Henry Dibrell had a great getaway to Colorado this summer.

Fall Favorites –

School has started, football teams are playing and the sound of the marching band is invading our neighbourhoods – all favorites of the fall season!  Our summer vacations are over, and fall is finally here in Katy!

In this fall issue, we have some great favorites to share starting with our cover story. Katy ISD’s KEYS Mentoring Program is doing an outstanding job supporting our young people. The KEYS Program is celebrating 25 years of making a difference in the lives of students. Learn more about the program, its many successes and how you can sign up to be a mentor.

Another fall favorite is supporting our youth.  Speaking of outstanding young people making a difference, a big shout out to Seven Lakes High School as we share the story about a talented student – Katy High School Hot Shot Abby Crandall. We are also excited about another favorite – our 4th Annual Readers’ Choice, so get ready to vote!  Be sure to cast your ballot by September 30th to vote for your Katy favs.

In our newest column, Senior Speak, check out a wonderful guide to making a later in life move.  Choice or Circumstance? is a must read. Even if you are not a senior quite yet, it’s a great guide to help you plan.  And if you are looking to make a move now, we also have a very special feature this month – Home is Where the Heart is – full of tips to renovate, repair and even sell your home.

As always, Out & About in the Heart of Katy features some great photos from around Katy, including some kiddos returning to school and the always popular Katy Youth Football Kick Off Celebration at Legacy Stadium.  If you have any photos of you and your family as you are out and about in Katy, please send them to us at We would love to see them!

Enjoy the weather change, get out to the stadium to experience some Friday night lights and enjoy your fall favs in Katy!

Absolutely yours,

Henry Dibrell