September 2017 – Exclamation Points

Alison Johnson, Class of 2023, at NCL Mother Daughter Tea.

My Next Chapter with NCL Katy! –

I’ve spent a lot of time in service with my children over the years. From the time they were babies and I helped teach on Wednesdays at my church, to the garage sale planning days of their preschool to helping with their scouting events and serving on Parent Teacher Association boards, service isn’t something I take lightly. I think it’s important for my kids to learn that helping hands lead to servant’s hearts. Through service, my children see the value of a kind word, learn to both give and receive praise and gratitude and learn the value of hard work for a good cause.

That’s why I am so excited to start our next chapter of volunteering with my daughter’s National Charity League (NCL) Katy chapter and why I am thrilled to be able to spotlight NCL on this month’s cover of absolutely! Katy. We started the process of joining late last fall when a few friends approached me about joining. I immediately liked the concept. My daughter and I need more time together. Like most moms and daughters, we enjoy our time together, but I was specifically attracted to the idea of us learning to work together. I admit it – it’s something we can learn to do better. I am excited to see how she grows through the process.  She’s a smart, beautiful, sweet girl, and I know NCL can use her skills to help make others’ lives better! And more importantly, I’m excited to see how NCL changes our family dynamic.

Speaking of family, we hope you enjoy this month’s edition. There is something in it for everyone. We have a special section on family law highlighting some great Legal Eagles. Everyone needs a good lawyer on their side to help them plan and protect their families’ future. And be sure to check out what’s going on in Out & About in the Heart of Katy where we highlight some of the great events that have taken place in our area and some of the great work being done in service to others.

I am absolutely! thrilled to live in such a great community that provides so many great opportunities for service to others, and I am thrilled to be able to be a part of it with my family. Do you have events that we need to cover? Photos we need to see? Please send them our way so we can continue to share all of the great things happening in Katy.

Absolutely! yours,