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Stress Management

Managing emotions and stress is very important in this busy world. With demands regarding work performance, family obligations and managing households, it is vital to stay as stress-free as possible, because emotional health directly influences physical health. Stress increases the risk of heart disease, depression and obesity and decreases cognitive performance.

Some strategies to decrease anxiety can help mental and physical health. Positive thoughts and focusing on what is good in life can reduce levels of cortisol and improve mood and energy. Try not to worry about worst-case scenarios. Take some time away from phones, e-mails or work during the week. Limit intake of alcohol, which is a depressant to the body, and limit caffeine intake, which increases adrenaline and heart rate. Always try to get as much sleep as possible.

Deep breathing exercises in a closed, quiet room can refocus the mind from anxiety and have a calming effect. Be sure to ask for help from others when needed, using your support system of work colleagues, family and friends to assist with tasks or just to have someone to talk with. Last but not least, exercise. Regular exercise not only helps physically by improving cardiac and lung function, but it causes the body to release endorphins, which lower anxiety and stress and allow people to cope better in all aspects of life.

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