October 2017 – Exclamation Points

Jason and Elizabeth Walker, Colonel Scott Macleod, Larissa Plunto, Major Josh Amstutz, Lewis and Chakilla White, Liz Johnson, Charles and Lilly Faye Wisdom and Michelle and Rob Anderson.

Katy Strong! –

Katy Strong! That’s the motto we stand by, live by, and we earned the heck out of it in recently with Hurricane Harvey. The impact of this storm was felt in all corners of our community. The floods that devastated the Katy area have truly altered the lives of so many. It was heartbreaking watching our friends and neighbors, teachers and co-workers forced from their homes by the rising waters.

The night before the National Guard left Katy High School, I was blessed to be a part of a small group that got to go say “thank you” to them and show them the heart of Katy. We brought food and treated them to some of our local favorites. But more importantly, we took them “thank you” cards from the children in our community. The cards these kids made were truly heartfelt and so many families I know answered our plea for these notes that we were able to gift the entire Command Center with these little bundles of love. The stories that Colonel Macleod shared with us of the blessings the Katy community bestowed upon our troops and the hospitality was truly appreciated and like nothing they had ever seen before. He was convinced there may have been spies in the building, because if someone even mentioned a need, it would miraculously appear, dropped on their door steps, by grateful citizens. They have never experienced anything like it, and they will never forget it.

Liz Johnson and Monica Ingram delivered flood buckets to the affected areas.

The clean up efforts around Katy continue, and they will for some time to come. Driving through neighborhoods devastated by the flood waters was truly a life-changing event. Seeing the personal belongings lining the streets as families look to rebuild is something that changes your viewpoint and makes you truly grateful to have your health and safety.

While we will always remember the tragedy that brought Katy to its knees, we will also always take joy in the Katy spirit and the community we live in.  We wish you the absolute best and hope that you are as proud to be from Katy as we are. Katy Strong, always and forever!

Absolutely! yours,

Liz Johnson