November 2018 – Exclamation Points

Delia and Henry Dibrell.

Family, Football and Food –

I love November because three of my all-time favorite things come together in one month – actually all in one day – family, football and food. What a great month! I remember one Thanksgiving I was visiting a friend and was asked which type pie would I like – pecan or pumpkin? I looked at my friend with a shocked looked on my face and responded, “Both.”

In this month’s issue, we bring you the story of a young man from Katy who’s making a huge impact in Hollywood. Sneak preview: see him this November in the movie First Man. It’s always a joy to celebrate when our young people achieve at high levels.

In our auto review, check out the 2018 Ford Expedition – a Katy car if I have ever seen one. You will also find some wonderful holiday entertaining and recipe suggestions in our Holiday Entertainment and Dining Guide. Every holiday season our attention turns toward purchasing those Christmas gifts, and we have a very informative Holiday Gift Guide in this month’s issue as well.

Finally, slow down this month enjoy time with family, hug some necks and spend time talking with each other. Let’s all make an effort to limit our screen time and spend more family time. Happy Thanksgiving and happy football playoff season!

Absolutely yours,

Henry Dibrell