New Rosenberg Railroad Museum Exhibit Debuts

The Rosenberg Railroad Museum will be launching the first of three temporary exhibitions this year. In honor of Black History Month, the first exhibit will be “The Pullman Porter Exhibit: How Railroads Changed the West & Pullman Porters Changed the World.” This exhibit will run February 5th through May, 31st.

The Rosenberg Railroad Museum curator, Cecilia Abad, in collaboration with the Black Cowboy Museum on the history of the black cowboy and the effects of railroading on that particular industry, was able to discover historical stories of struggles, adaptions, then small triumphs to lead the way for positive change in our nation.

The addition of temporary exhibitions to the museum helps fulfill their mission by connecting people and events throughout railroading history to our community and visitors. For more information, visit or call 281-633-2846.