New Kid On The Block Part 2


By Henry Dibrell –

The summer will soon be over, and before you know it, we will be back in school. As we look ahead to another great year in Katy ISD, we are finishing up our work on the budget and will have the finished product by the end of the month.

We have two new members, two wonderful ladies, who are great assets to our board. Last month, you met Ashley Vann. I would now like to introduce you to Courtney Doyle.

Courtney, what would you like the 181 one square miles we call Katy ISD to know about you?

I’m “just a mom.” This is the phrase I feel compelled to start this article with because in reality, that is exactly who I am. The “just” part doesn’t exactly explain the magnitude of who I am and what I do, but at the same time, I struggle with how interesting the “About Courtney Doyle” really is. The easiest way to define that is to back up and share a little about how my family came to call Katy home, which helps define who I am today.

On September 24th, 2005, life changed drastically for my family. My husband and at that time five children lived in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and as many Texas residents will remember, there was a hurricane heading straight for Texas by the name of Rita. We had made all of the necessary preparations, boarding our windows and loading everything of any value into two cars “just in case” the hurricane turned. At 4 am Thursday morning, our fears became a reality. We were sleeping with the news on and were awakened to, “Lake Charles, wake up! Hurricane Rita has turned more East and Beaumont, Texas will be taking a direct hit with Lake Charles being to the right of the eye. Get out now!” We called all of our family, woke our kids and finished loading the cars to evacuate.

Chandler, Hamilton, Christian, Harrison, Courtney, Carrington, Scott and John Scott Doyle.

Chandler, Hamilton, Christian, Harrison, Courtney, Carrington, Scott and John Scott Doyle.

As the storm blew through Lake Charles, we sat in Mississippi waiting on any news we could obtain with regard to our neighborhood and our home. Sadly, we were informed our home had over eight trees that had landed on the house poking holes in the roof. The rain came down, and filled our home with water. Fortunately, everything we lost was replaceable; only time and inconvenience would be our enemies. After three insurance adjusters, five moves and two years of construction, we finally made it back “home.”

My husband Scott is a financial consultant, and eight months into being “home,” he was offered a position at a firm here in Houston. His office in Louisiana had also been destroyed in the hurricane, so the opportunity was great for his business and, most importantly, for our family. Lake Charles was not the same; the loss in the community as a whole and for us personally was exhausting. A fresh start was just what we needed, and this was the opportunity that could make that happen. Not knowing where to move, a friend suggested we look at Katy, but all I knew of Katy was the Katy Mills Mall.

After many nights of research and one visit, I knew this was the place we would raise our kids. We immediately felt a sense of “small town” closeness and tradition, similar to what we had at home, as well as a warm welcome from all of the people who were also moving in from all over and like us, decided to make Katy home.

That was six years ago, and we have not looked back. We love being so close to Louisiana so we can visit, but Katy is where our kids are flourishing into individuals each pursuing different interests. Katy ISD is educating our children far beyond what they would have received in Louisiana, and in Katy, I have met some of my best friends through the amazing volunteer opportunities. Katy is home, and as a newly elected school board member, I am both humbled by the trust and respect I was shown through the election, as well as honored to be part of the tradition of keeping Katy ISD great.

So, as I began this story that I am “just a mom,” that is exactly who I am, taking what life throws at me one event at a time. I have stories of loss, heartache, renewal and perseverance. I wear the hats of a chauffer, doctor, counselor, bus driver, tear wiper, housekeeper, short order cook, tutor, mentor, comedian, cheerleader, photographer and best friend. Some days I am a few of these, and some days I am all of these. God has entrusted me with more than I feel worthy, and He has placed my family and me in the most wonderful place to experience more of what life has to bring. Our family saying is “Only the Doyle’s,” and with six children and constant chaos, I wouldn’t change a thing about what I left behind, what brought me to Katy and what I have to look forward to in the future. It is what defines Courtney Doyle.

Courtney, I look forward to serving with you. Remember, together we are Katy ISD; we are only keepers of the trust!