National Charity League, Inc., Star Chapter Recognizes Senior Class for Achievement In 2020

Ryan Little, Brooke Reynolds, Sara Siebenman, Rachel Farmer, Summer Taylor, Lauren White, Kacey Lawson, Jessica Stanford, Audrey Alanis, Allison Pergande, Lauren Gray, Abigail Crandall, Amira Bazzi, Olivia Samaie, Isabella Vineyard, Emma Rogers, Skylar Valentinis-Dee, Paige Estes, Addy Parker, Izabelle Buentello, Lizzy Henley, Kiely Pelletier, Victoria Hernandez, Audrey Chapman and Delaney Matheson. Photo courtesy of Kim Schaffer.

On Sunday, February 16th, National Charity League, Inc., Star Chapter (NCL, Inc.) will honor the Senior Class of 2020 at the Chapter’s annual Senior Recognition Ceremony.  This formal event will take place at the Sugar Land Marriott Town Square at 6:30 p.m.  The evening includes recognition of each of these 25 graduating seniors for their accomplishments and contributions to the community, as well as dinner and dancing with family and friends in attendance.

Over the last six years, these young ladies, alongside their mothers, have contributed over 9,255 volunteer hours at 32 local charities throughout the community.  The Class of 2020 volunteered at The Westview School, Neighborhood Kidz Club, Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP), Interfaith Ministries (Meals on Wheels), The Ballard House, Fulshear/Simonton Library, Katy Christian Ministries, Fort Bend Women’s Center, Oakmont Nursing Home, The Krause Center, The Monty Ballard YMCA, Brookwood and Willow River Farms, to name a few.

In addition to serving their community through volunteering, these young ladies were also honing leadership skills and developing cultural awareness by planning and attending educational meetings, chapter-wide events, socials, class retreats and cultural events that included the ballet, opera and theatre.

“The Class of 2020 has completed a six-year program designed to foster the mother-daughter relationship and empower today’s girls to become tomorrow’s leaders,” said Debra Stovall, NCL, Inc., Star Chapter President. “It has been a pleasure to watch the girls grow into confident, young adults ready to embrace the world. We are very proud of them and who they have become.  Whatever they choose to do, we know they will be prepared to serve, lead and be successful.” The Star Chapter wishes these accomplished young women great success in their future endeavors.

The seniors honored are: Audrey Alanis, Amira Bazzi, Izabelle Buentello, Audrey Chapman, Abby Crandall, Paige Estes, Rachel Farmer, Lauren Gray, Elizabeth Henley, Victoria Hernandez, Kacey Lawson, Ryan Little, Addy-Parker Loveless, Delaney Matheson, Kiely Pelletier, Allison Pergande, Brooke Reynolds, Emma Rogers, Olivia Samaie, Sara Siebenman, Jessica Stanford, Summer Taylor,  Skylar Valentinis-Dee,  Isabella Vineyard and Lauren White.