Meet Uniqueka E. Ferrand-Francisco


By Joan Frances –

Katy High School has a reputation of respect and credibility enabling students to graduate fully prepared to take the next step to their successful future. One senior who will be graduating early and who has an impressive resume of accomplishments is Uniqueka E. Ferrand-Francisco.

During her educational years, Uniqueka has lived in South Carolina, North Carolina, Missouri and Texas. Her mother is retired from the U.S. Army. “I am a military brat,” shared Ferrand-Francisco.  “I am the third oldest child of six kids by birth.  I will be the first to graduate from high school out of my siblings, and the first to attend college of three generations from my biological mother. While this journey has not been an easy one, I am humble and grateful and only wish to be an example or an encouragement to those I come in contact with in my life.”

Ferrand-Francisco is a member of Katy Theater and Student Council and has danced at the Juleigh Holley Dance Studio. She has been a member of Track and Field for the past two years.

Ferrand-Francisco’s favorite teacher is her mom, Tammy. “She’s not a school teacher, but she has been a teacher to me for the past 10 years. She has taught me a lot, from baking cakes to financing a house. My mom has taught me lessons that I will never forget. She’s taught me how to be a strong young woman and to never back down from what I want. If it wasn’t for my mom constantly making sure I was up and on what I was doing, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

One value Ferrand-Francisco lives by is compassion. “I live by the commitment to treat others how I want to be treated. One never knows what someone is going though. I feel it is always best to share encouraging or friendly words to anyone I encounter. When I am having a rough day, I appreciate kind words and always return them. It’s a gratifying circle of kindness that makes a day better.”

Ferrand-Francisco is a leader. For the past three years, she has volunteered for Katy Youth Football (KYF) as a cheer coach. “Being a leader has truly been rewarding and exciting. As I continue to coach for KYF cheer, it is very fulfilling to be in a position where I can encourage and uplift girls; this is very important to me. I enjoy being a leader because I’m giving back. I haven’t gotten where I am without looking up to others and following what I’ve been taught by good leaders. Therefore, I want them to feel the same way in my presence. I like being able to place myself in front of these girls to show them that there is a right way to do things but still have fun. During my high school experience, I’ve learned I am very good at time managing and staying focused. I have made strong relationships with great people.”

In addition to her school commitments, Ferrand-Francisco is a member of Health Occupation Students of America. She will participate in clinical rotations at Miller Career & Technology Center this year and is a member of Parkway Fellowship Church. This past summer, she was selected to represent Katy in the Miss Texas Teen USA pageant, which is the preliminary to the prestigious 2019 Miss Teen USA pageant. After graduating this fall, Ferrand-Francisco will attend Prairie View A&M University and will major in Biology Pre-Med and minor in Theatre. Congratulations on your undeniable accomplishments, and good luck as you take the next step to a highly efficacious future.