Meet Tanner Scott

By Joan Frances –

Tanner Scott

Harmony School of Innovation in Katy has a vision to lead students from the classroom into the world as productive and responsible citizens. Students graduate fully prepared to take the next step into society. One senior who has accomplished undeniable success throughout his high school career is Tanner Scott.

Since he was a freshman, Tanner has taken Advanced Placement studies, participating in a total of eighteen AP classes. He has achieved “A” Honor Role status all four years of school, was the National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist (12th grade), QuestBridge Scholar finalist (12th grade) and AP National Scholar (11th grade). He is currently the president of the Student Council, and additionally, he is the head of public relations for the school’s FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) team, Royal Robotics. Tanner actively participates in other clubs as well, including Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) and National Honor Society (NHS).

Tanner had several great instructors at Harmony, but his favorite teachers are his social studies teacher, Ms. Theresa Gray, and his physics teacher, Mr. Ramazan Ozdemir.  “Ms. Gray makes all of her classes fun and informative, and she is very supportive of her students, devoting much of her time to organizations like NHS,” said Tanner.  “Despite physics being a subject with which I often struggle, Mr. Ozdemir has made it one of my favorite classes. He has been an incredibly effective teacher who has really helped me understand the course material. Additionally, as my robotics team coach, he has dedicated several hours after school and on Saturdays to help us prepare for our competitions.”

Tanner’s leadership skills are dedicated and admirable. “As a leader, I get the chance to make a difference in my community. In Student Council, I have led various projects such as creating a college pennant display in the hallway to celebrate where our students are going to college. In robotics, I have found the opportunity to promote interest in STEM and robotics in my local community through our various public outreach projects. It is tremendously exciting to be able to impact others in a positive way.”

Tanner lives his life by the values of determination and dedication, particularly to education. “I see every moment as a learning opportunity. Even outside of the classroom, I find myself trying to learn new things,” shared Tanner. “For example, learning foreign languages has been a great hobby of mine recently and useful in communicating with people who do not speak English. I recall a quote by Charles Darwin which states, ‘A man who dares waste an hour of time has not discovered the value of life.’ This quote expresses a sentiment which I try my best to apply to my own life and inspires me to maintain my focus and commitment to my education.”

In addition to his commitment to volunteering as part of HOSA and, Tanner is a member of a school organization called Bay Watchers. This club is dedicated to promoting environmental awareness in the Galveston area. Members create brochures and presentations to show to the school and community, as well as volunteer in the Galveston Bay area by planting trees and cleaning trash at various nature reserves.  Since his mother works at the school, Tanner also often helps around the campus whenever he can.

In the fall, Tanner will be attending Stanford University and plans to study Biology, with the goal of attending medical school. Congratulations Tanner on your commitment and enthusiasm, and good luck as you continue to benefit this world in your future.