Meet Sophie Stegenga

Sophie Stegenga

By Joan Frances | Photos by Jose Salinas –

Students at Seven Lakes High School are fortunate to participate in numerous educational activities to teach them life lessons. Seniors graduate fully prepared to take the next step in advancing their education and life. One senior who has attained academic and sports achievements during her high school career is Sophie Stegenga.

Sophie has taken Advanced Placement classes throughout her high school years. Her favorite teacher was her U.S. History teacher Mr. Steve Smith. “He was able to find fun, innovative ways to teach the curriculum, and he was also a great friend. He was a teacher who I could easily talk to, and he would accommodate for my busy schedule. Mr. Smith took the time to learn the different personalities of the students and what sport or club they were involved in.”

A value Sophie lives by is commitment. “Life is messy and complicated especially in my late teen years, as I’m trying to figure out the next steps in life. In whatever I do, I try to never lose sight of my end goal. It is easy to get distracted, and I feel it is immensely important to stay true to what I am ultimately trying to accomplish.”

Sophie’s forte is sports, specifically  soccer and wrestling. “Throughout my high school experience, the thing I will look back most fondly on are my various sports teams I was able to participate. During my four years here, I have played soccer for three different clubs, two different JV High School teams and wrestled on High School Varsity and freestyle club. I recently ran into my old club soccer coach from freshman year, and he instantly remembered me and scolded me for quitting soccer. I hadn’t realized how much he believed in me. He told me that if I had stuck to soccer, I would play for the US team. I had many people believe in me and my abilities over the years, and I will treasure the immense amounts of support I have had. I owe my various coaches and teachers for helping mold me into the person I am today.” This year, Sophie was awarded the Spartan Shield Coaches Award for her commitment and success in wrestling.

Sophie is reflective and inspiring as a leader. “Holding a leadership role in wrestling was a demanding yet rewarding experience. Despite being only a teenager myself, I found my team looked up to me. I was one of the stronger wrestlers on the team and was sought out to answer countless technique and tournament layout questions. One of the best results was that I gained perspective of my role on the team. I wasn’t only there for my own personal gain; I was a part of something bigger than myself. I was a part of a team. It was most fulfilling to see someone gain from my help, to give advice or work with them on their technique and see them become better because of it. That was the most amazing benefit. I really felt I was doing my part to help advance this team into something great. Participating on a sports team becomes so much better when the entire team is striving for greatness and motivated, and I feel honored to help bring this team to comradery and inspire them to do their best.”

In the fall, Sophie will attend Texas A&M University in College Station and will major in Forensic and Investigative Science. Congratulations on your undeniable successes, and good luck as you continue to impress the world in your future.