Meet Sara Porter

By Joan Frances –

Sara Porter
Photos by Eagle Eye Studio.

At Faith West Academy, students graduate with the knowledge of a well-rounded curriculum and are ready to take the next step in their future. From academics to sports, as well as extracurricular activities, educational opportunities are readily available. One senior who has accomplished all of her goals during her high school career is Sara Porter.

Sara has taken Advanced Placement classes throughout her four years of high school. She is a member of the National Honor Society, National Science Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Speech and Debate Club, is a team member of the Faith West Academy Cheer Squad, cross country team, track team and soccer team. She was President of the National Junior Honor Society, President of the Class of 2018, Historian for Speech and Debate, Vice President of Science National Honor Society and is the Parliamentarian for the National Honor Society.

Sara’s view on leadership is insightful. “For me, being a leader is not about being in charge or in a position of authority over people. I enjoy it, and it is fulfilling to me because I view leadership as an opportunity for service.  I use it to share what I know with my peers, as well as to learn from them.”

Sara’s favorite teacher is her AP Calculus teacher Mrs. Christina Martin.  “Mrs. Martin was also my Geometry teacher in ninth grade, as well as my Pre-Calculus teacher in eleventh grade. Her class taught me the importance of discipline when it comes to studying, and she taught me how to love math. Mrs. Martin has been a mentor for me outside of math class and encouraged me to pursue my goals. Plus, she has a great sense of humor!”

One of the simplest values Sara lives by is love. “I try my best to live on the premise that if something cannot be done in love, then it is not worth doing. I also strive to structure my life around the concept of dependence on God found in a verse from Luke 18:27 ‘No chance at all. If you think you can pull it off by yourself. Every chance in the world if you trust God to do it.’”

On her memories of the past four years, she reflected, “I realize that what I treasure most are the life lessons high school has taught me. Joining cheer taught me the importance of getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things. Running cross country taught me how to persevere. My teachers and classes taught me discipline and encouraged me to establish a good work ethic and study skills. And friendships, the ones that lasted and the ones that didn’t, because every person I have encountered over the past years has taught me something different as well.”

In addition to her commitment to academics, sports and the arts, Sara was out doing her part helping in Harvey’s aftermath. She started with helping fellow crossfitters from CrossFit Annihilation to clean up standing water, damaged mats and debris from the gym at Avenue A in Old Katy. Then across the street at Katy Christian Ministries, she helped unload, organize and distribute food donations for flood victims. She attends the Good Shepherd United Methodist Church in Cypress.

Sara received a nomination from Congressman McCaul to attend the United States Air Force Academy in the fall or plans to attend Missouri University of Science and Technology. She plans to major in civil engineering. Congratulations Sara on your commitment and devotion to your faith. We look forward to watching you make an impact in this world in the future.