Meet Rachel Green

By Joan Frances –

Rachel Green

As one of the newest schools in Katy, Paetow High School has already earned a highly qualified prominence. Students have achieved success in all levels of education. Senior Rachel Green has accomplished her goals and looks forward to a very exciting future.

Green has taken Advanced Placement classes throughout her high school career. She is a member of the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Student Council and is president of the Senior Class. She is also involved in Parent, Teacher, Student Association, International Club, Earth Club, Ladies of Virtue, Art Club, Big Sis Lil Sis, along with being a Panther TV anchor and Senior Ambassador. She also earned the Panther Pride Award.

Green’s leadership skills are admirable. “Leadership is in my blood. I strive to be at the top of almost everything. I sign up for every club, extracurricular and organization that I can, sometimes even more than I can handle, but that’s my favorite part. Once I am in those clubs, I want to be in a leadership position automatically. Being in charge is an amazing feeling, but you have to humble yourself and remember you are not being a leader for yourself, but rather to benefit those you are leading.”

Green’s favorite teacher is Ms. Laurie Wilmoth, who teaches English. “Not only is she a great educator, but she also makes sure to establish a relationship with her students. She makes everyone feel loved, special, cared about and has always accepted kids for who they are. She sets an example that all teachers should follow and has the respect of her students and colleagues. She also attends almost every athletic event and brings loads of school spirit!”

A value Green lives by is patience. “Sometimes people are born with innate patience, but for some people, like me, it had to be learned over time. I’m a ‘go, go, go’ type of person and love to constantly stay busy and try new things. With spontaneity comes a lack of patience. I learned patience from my family.”

One thing that Green will always remember from her high school experience is when she transferred schools. “I had gone to a private school my whole life, and I just needed a change. So, I transferred to Paetow and that is the best decision I have ever made. Everyone was so welcoming and kind; I felt like I belonged. Making a leap like that is extremely scary, not knowing a soul. But in a way, I wasn’t scared at all – almost like I knew this was where I was meant to be. I have accomplished so much more in a year at Paetow, and that is something I am very proud of.”

In addition to her busy school commitments, Green also volunteers with Meals on Wheels and helps animals. She enjoys babysitting and works in the nursery at Second Baptist Church where she takes care of the one-year- old children. She has not chosen a college yet but hopes to attend the University of Texas at Austin. Her dream is to major in film or business and to be very successful. “I have had a fascination with cameras ever since I could talk. I also wrote a play when I was eight and put it on for my neighborhood. I know it’s my calling. I have a fascination with all things that have to do with media. Writing and making movies is my passion.”

Congratulations Rachel Green on your tireless devotion and leadership skills. Good luck as you continue your journey to a fulfilling and exhilarating future.