Meet Nadia Barbarawi

By Joan Frances –

Taylor High School is very fortunate to have seniors like Nadia Barbarawi. For the past four years, Nadia has excelled at academics, has engaged in numerous organizations, is an athlete and a leader. She is the perfect example of a model student. With so many accomplishments, she is destined for an exceptionally successful future.

Nadia has succeeded in multiple Advanced Placement courses, such as Advanced Placement Language and Composition, Advanced Placement Physics, as well as other various Pre-Advanced courses throughout all high school. She is Student Council President, holds an office in Best Buddies, is a member of the National Honor Society, Young Life, Peer Assistance and Leadership (PALS) and the Ultimate Frisbee Club.

She received the Mustang Pride Award, Academic All-District Award and the Mustang Volunteering Proudly (MVP) Award. “My participation has enabled me to work with many different peers, some of which I have built great relationships,” shared Nadia. “Claire Steinweg is my right-hand woman. We both play on the Varsity soccer team at Taylor, hold offices in Student Council, and we were both chosen to be on Homecoming Court this year. It has been an honor to work alongside her for four years, and I know she will be a life-long friend of mine. We have spent hours together organizing Student Council events and competing in soccer games. She has impacted my life greatly and unknowingly, and I would not have accomplished as much as I have in my years of high school without my sweet friend, Claire.”

A value Nadia lives by is integrity. “I believe that handling my reactions and responses to challenging situations in a positive, progressive way is essential.”

Peyton Rougeau and Nadia Barbarawi.

In addition to her academic successes, Nadia is a leader of the Girls Varsity Soccer Team. Her leadership skills are exemplary. “As a student leader, I have the opportunity to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. That is something that is so important to me because I have been on the other side of the tracks. I have been the girl who was made fun of, and I have been in many situations where I have felt unwelcome or felt rejected by peers. I try my best to be inclusive and to represent not just a select few at Taylor, but all of the students here. It is fulfilling because I can make a difference.”

Nadia admires her soccer coach, Mike Agiannidis. “He is passionate about the work he does on and off the field and has a serving heart. He inspires the girls on the team to provide service to others in need, which makes the time we spend as teammates even more meaningful. I often reach out to him when I need advice, and he opens my eyes to different perspectives and challenges me. My coach has helped me grow as not only a soccer player, but a leader and friend.”

Nadia has forged many meaningful relationships during her years at Taylor. “I will treasure the relationships I have built with my peers and the staff at my school. Taylor High School is home to some of the most caring and hard-working staff. Each person I have worked with has displayed a great desire to help the students who attend this school be successful individuals.”

In the fall, Nadia aspires to attend the University of Texas at Austin and major in business. Congratulations on your leadership skills, generous heart and undeniable wisdom. Good luck, as you will soon embark on the next chapter of your exciting life.