Meet Jude Elfert

Jude Elfert

By Joan Frances –

Katy Independent School District focuses on meeting the needs of each individual student. Some students excel academically and others have specialized talents that will equally take them to an efficacious future. As a senior at Katy High School, Jude Elfert has discovered his forte and is looking forward to advancing his knowledge and experience.

For the past two years, Elfert has attended Miller Career and Technology Center to focus his abilities in Automotive Technology. He received the National Society of High School Scholars Award (NSHSS) and Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certifications A1-A8 and G1. He is a determined worker, a fast learner and enjoys the challenge of new technologies.

Elfert began using power tools when he was 11-years-old and now has two years experience using equipment that most people don’t have access to or know how to use. Elfert’s favorite teacher is Jason Halbison, who teaches Auto Tech I-Maintenance and Light Repair and Auto Tech II-Automotive Service. “Mr. Halbison knows how to interact with my age group and teaches us in a way that I can understand extremely well. He recognizes the determination I have to solve a problem. There has been an occasion or two when something didn’t quite work or fit as expected. Mr. Halbison allowed me work on that obstacle while most of the class would usually either lose interest or retreat to another area while that issue was being resolved.”

Elfert has a very busy schedule working every day after school. In addition to intricate personal projects, he plans ahead for other activities. “I am often asked by friends and family to help them resolve some sort of technical or mechanical issue. I enjoy the fact that people think of and rely on me to help them solve a problem. It gives me a chance to teach others certain values and help them understand things better based on my knowledge and experiences.”

One of the values that Elfert live by is commitment. “I enjoy working hard and being thorough. My hobbies, for example, are expensive, and my parents have required me to work, earning the money to pay for them. Because of this, I understand the true value of every dollar, and I understand the difference between ‘wanting’ and ‘needing’  something. I have an appreciation on how to properly take care of and maintain things more than I would if they were just given to me.”

Elfert has enjoyed his time at Miller Career and Technology Center. “What I treasure most in school is the exposure I’ve had to a mechanical industry. I’ve especially enjoyed the privilege of being able to bring my truck to class to work on a project I’m doing, change the oil, install a new part or to diagnose an issue. I also appreciate all the good times I’ve had with my friends during and outside of school.”

Elfert has already advanced his education by working over three years in the mechanic industry at All Tread Tire Co. and Christian Brothers Automotive as a General Maintenance Technician addressing a variety of vehicle issues and learning from professionals.  These have been stepping stones leading him to explore the diverse opportunities in the engineering field, such as biotechnology designing prosthetics or heart pumps for the medical industry, aerospace technology or engineering systems for car manufactures. This fall, he will be attending the University of Texas in Arlington to major in Mechanical Engineering. Congratulations Jude Elfert for your undeniable talent and commitment. Good luck as you continue your education in your future.