Meet Josh Knox

Josh Knox

By Joan Frances –

A senior at Seven Lakes High School, Josh Knox has spent the past three years of his high school career focused on academics and extracurricular activities. He devotes his time to Miller Career Technology as well and is making the most of what both schools offer a student.

Josh went to high school in Canada as a freshman and sophomore, where he received an honors award for his academic accomplishments. He moved to Katy in July 2016 and joined the Young Filmmakers Club. This club is for the new generation of filmmakers. Josh explained, “The Seven Lakes Film Club offers a chance for students to network with other filmmakers to ultimately create artistic, engaging short films. There is no criteria for the level of filmmaking each student has, and everyone plays a critical role in the filmmaking process. The club offers a chance for students to connect and collaborate with other creators.”

Interactive workshops teach the students basic movie making techniques. The Seven Lakes Film Festival, held at the Palladium in Katy, provides a platform for students to share their work in front of a live theater audience. Josh was part of a crew that made the film Ghost Bowler last year. “Ghost Bowler is about a bowling legend named John Jordon who comes back from the dead to get back to achieving his goal of getting 300, 300s. Our film placed in the top 30 out of 500 films statewide. It was exciting to be a part of a combination of talented people telling a story for an audience to see. I filmed and did some audio work for the production. I really enjoy being a filmmaker because I like being instrumental in creating something visual that people enjoy watching.”

This year Josh will be taking a film course at Miller Career and Technology Center and working at the Live Action Media Broadcast System (LAMBS) program filming football games for the school district.

The teachers who made the most impact on Josh’s school years were his elementary school teacher, Mrs. Williams, and his high school Math teacher, Ms. Goodreau. “Both teachers always took the time to explain in ways that made sense to me and built a patient, caring relationship always making sure learning and fun are one in the same. Another teacher that uses the same techniques and was helpful with my integration to Seven Lakes was Mr. Smith, my junior History teacher.”

One value that is significant to Josh is benevolence. “If you do your best and help others no matter what happens in life, it will work out in the end. Showing kindness to other people gives you a chance to help them fulfill their dreams.”

One thing that Josh will treasure the most about his high school experience is the people. “The people I’ve met along the way who have helped me improve as a person and the teachers who encourage me to continue to grow as a student are the things that stand out the most. My classmates and friends that I spend many hours working on creating something tangible and telling a story that evolves from a group of people working with the same goal in mind. I am proud of what we have made and receiving confirmation and support for what we do made the hard work worthwhile.”

Josh plans to attend a university in Canada or the United States where he will major in film and creative writing. Congratulations Josh for your productive talent, love of life and people. We look forward to you sharing your artistic ability with the world in your future.