Meet Emma and Avery Dyson

Emma and Avery

By Joan Frances –

Students at Taylor High School enjoy the benefits of many opportunities to expand their knowledge of much more than academics. Extracurricular activities and sports play a big role in firsthand experience and learning life lessons. Two senior twins, who have accomplished unprecedented success in every aspect of their high school career, are Emma and Avery Dyson.

The Dysons have taken Advanced Placement classes throughout their years at Taylor High School. They are members of the National Honor Society, the Spanish National Honor Society and the Science Club. They are National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) High School Aerospace Scholars and founder and co-founder of the Poetry Club. The girls are also co-organizers and officers of Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED-ED) Club.

The Dysons favorite teacher is Richard Filson, who taught them World History. “Mr. Filson has been a mentor, a role model and a friend to me,” said Emma. “I believe that he embodies the essence of what a great teacher should be.” Avery reflected, “Mr. Filson has provided me with inspiration and encouragement unparalleled by any other teacher I have ever had. He treats all of his students with this same unwavering compassion, and the love which he invests into his job is conveyed through his teaching style.”

Avery and Emma Dyson.

This past summer, the Dysons were accepted into the Women in Engineering at the University of Texas summer camp program. In addition to their academic accomplishments, the Dysons are devoted athletes. They are members of the Varsity soccer team and have both received the Academic All District Title Award.

The girls are also respected leaders. “Being a leader in soccer is a fulfilling experience,” said Emma. “I am giving back, passing forward that positive influence, which I was so grateful to get from some amazing upperclassmen role models. Moreover, I believe that the meaningful friendships and memories gained through sports are what makes playing worthwhile. I treasure the opportunity to create these memorable experiences with and for my teammates.”

Avery said, “I genuinely enjoy helping my teammates to grow as players and as people. I believe the true value in sports lies in the life lessons learned from subjecting oneself to adversity, as well as the friendships forged through team bonding and the true satisfaction that comes from hard work.”

The Dysons were members of the Cross-Country team and this past January, they completed the Houston Marathon. They also work at Code Ninjas Cinco Ranch facility as a Sensei teaching youth how to code.

The Dyson’s have ardent values that they are passionate about. Emma said, “I live by the idea that all people deserve to be approached with an attitude of respect and open mindedness, regardless of their circumstances. Interacting with people who have vastly different beliefs and backgrounds is what allows us to better understand the world around us.”

“One value I live by is to have respect and empathy for all human beings, as well as their unique opinions, ideals and circumstances,” said Avery. “I believe that everyone should have the freedom and opportunity to express themselves and pursue their passions. I hope that in celebrating diversity and approaching each other’s differences with an open mind, more people will feel comfortable enough to speak up for what they believe in.”

After graduation, the Dysons are interested in attending the University of Texas at Austin or the University of California at Berkeley. They both plan to major in Chemical Engineering to pursue careers working with photochemistry or sustainable energy sources. Congratulations Emma and Avery Dyson on your undeniable accomplishments and magnanimous principals. Good luck as you follow your dreams in your future.