Meet Drake Munoz

By Joan Frances –

Meet Drake Munoz

Morton Ranch High School graduates students with a high caliber of knowledge in academics, sports and extracurricular activities. One senior who has enjoyed his past four years, is a respected leader and is looking forward to an exciting future is Drake Munoz.

Munoz has taken Advanced Placement classes throughout his high school career and is a member of the National Honor Society and the National English Honor Society. His favorite teacher is Sarah Gonzalez. “Mrs. Gonzalez taught me during my junior year in U.S. History. She was my absolute favorite because no matter the student, she was the most positive, generous and understanding individual, even if you were not one of her students. She taught more than U.S. History; she taught life lessons that were valuable that we all can use for the rest of our lives.”

Munoz was the Theater Company freshman representative and enjoyed promoting the Theater department.  For the past two years, until his junior year, Munoz was a member of the Morton Ranch High School Varsity Cheer team. Through his All-Star cheer achievements, he has earned the title of 10-time regional champion and 6-time national champion with Prodigy All-Star. Prodigy All-Star is a facility where athletes are provided the best training environment while teaching them ideals such as teamwork, integrity, work ethic, commitment and sportsmanship. Currently, he is cheering on Woodlands Elite Black Ops (Level 6 Medium Co-ed). This is an impressive, precisely timed and orchestrated performance by a large group of cheerleaders. Munoz and his team work tirelessly for hours to reach perfection. The performances last several minutes, and a perfect mix of balance, strength and stamina are required to achieve success. Watching a competition is breathtaking, exciting and appreciated for these athletes to accomplish.

A core value Munoz lives by is respect. “Respect has taught me a lot about life and has helped me to achieve my goals. Giving others respect is the best way to receive respect, but it also helps make my peers feel safe, and they feel free to express themselves around me. Respect among my all-star cheerleader teammates has helped all my peers and team members to grow as a family, constantly improving and helps avoid conflict. Laurence Stern said, ‘Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners.”’

Munoz is a respected leader on his cheer team. “Being a leader in cheer and in life is fulfilling to me because I like being the one to turn negative situations into positive learning lessons. I enjoy being the person my friends will turn to for help and advice whether it be related to cheer or not. I have developed significant friendships during the past four years at Morton Ranch. I will have these friends for many years after I leave high school.”

When he is not busy at school, Munoz is currently employed at Palm Beach as a Tanning Consultant, and he is a Cheer Coach at Woodlands Elite Katy.  In the past he served as a Party Host for Tilt Studio and is a lifeguard for the local community pools.

This fall Munoz will be attending Texas State University in the McCoy College of Business. He will be majoring in Business with the hope of becoming a Financial Advisor working alongside his father at Edward Jones.

Congratulations Drake Munoz for your devotion, athletic strength and undeniable respect you have for everyone you know. Good luck as you continue to move forward in life to achieve your goals.