Meet Diana Alfaro

By Joan Frances –

As a senior at Calvin Nelms Charter High School, Diana Alfaro has achieved unprecedented success in academics, the arts and athletics. With her talent for time management, Diana was able to graduate a semester early and is looking forward to an efficacious future.

Diana achieved academic success by doubling her work load this past semester. She was the Senior Representative and was a member of the Student Council. Her favorite teacher was Mrs. Terrez Griffin, her Math teacher. Diana explained, “She is the most unforgettable and special teacher there is. She will push you and demand a lot of you, and it is because she knows what every person is capable of. For someone to do that out of heart, it is truly something to be grateful for, and it makes me genuinely know she will forever be my favorite teacher.”

One value that Diana lives by is generosity. “I can proudly say that I’ve done a lot, not just for myself, but for others,” shared Diana. “I strongly believe that every person shines, but every once in a while, someone must help us keep shining. All throughout high school, I have actively participated in helping others, during and outside of school. I’ve volunteered for La Red and The Kings Palace, giving me the self-satisfaction of helping others, and teaching me the value of life. Not only does all the volunteer work help me achieve self-satisfaction, but it helped me discover the passion for helping others.”

In addition to her academic achievements, Diana is an actress and writer. “As a freshman, I began to discover my likes and what I wanted out of myself, so I decided to join theater, with no experience at all. After a great deal of hard work and fun, I was able to achieve Best Regional Actress and State All-Star Cast, and I didn’t stop there. As a sophomore I participated in theater once again and was able to accomplish Regional Best Director, Best Stage Manager and All-Star Crew. I continued with writing and won Creative Writing State Champion my junior year with my original work, Serenity.

Diana Alfaro volunteering at the food pantry at The King’s Palace in Katy.

Diana played volleyball all four years of high school, and participated in track and field during her freshman and sophomore year. When Diana reflects on her high school experience, her insightful perspective is admirable. “High school is the true definition of a roller coaster. Once you become a freshman, you start to discover yourself and begin to make the right and wrong choices. These choices during our high school journey is what shapes us. I consider these past four years as the most fun and memorable times, and I have Calvin Nelms Charter School to thank for that. Being a student here since the sixth grade has made me learn what a family is, to value friendships and to realize that we don’t just attend school to receive a diploma once we’re done but because every diamond needs a little polishing, especially from our teachers and peers. High school brought me much joy. I truly treasure the valuable memories it has brought me and for the teachers and faculty that have supported me all throughout my presence at the school.”

Diana will be attending Lonestar College to begin her career path with a major in Biology and will transfer to Houston Baptist in the fall. She aspires to be a missionary doctor. Congratulations Diana on your devotion and generous spirit. Good luck as you continue to impact this world in your future.