Meet Cole, Caitlin and Cade Thumann

By Joan Frances –

Success is a family endeavor at Obra D. Tompkins High School . . . times three. Cole, Cade and Caitlin Thumann are senior triplets who participate in academics and athletics, as well as extracurricular activities. They have accomplished unprecedented success throughout their high school career.

These triplets have achieved academic attainment by taking Advanced Placement classes throughout high school. They are members of the National Honor Society and volunteer 25 service hours every year. Cole received the All-State Academic Award and is a National Merit Commended Scholar. Caitlin, Cade and Cole have been members of the swim team for all four years at Tompkins. The triplets are all co-team captains of their swim team this year.

Their leadership skills are admirable. “I know it’s important to set a good example for the younger guys, so when they get to be upper-class men, they’ll know exactly what to do and what the team atmosphere should be like,” said Cade. “It’s important to leave a good legacy for others to follow, so the team culture can stay consistent, and we can have a winning attitude.”

In addition to swimming, Caitlin is also a member of the Varsity Chorale and SoundFX show choir. Caitlin’s favorite teacher is Ms. Christin Reinartz, her choir teacher. “Ms. Reinartz shows love and genuine compassion to everyone around her, she finds a way to teach me life lessons (even in choir), and she has the best sense of humor.”  The triplets are also all members of CRU, a Christian faith-based organization on campus.

When they are not busy at school, the trio are Youth Leaders at Fellowship Church. Their strong moral upbringing is venerable; each live by a value of faith. ‘“Command and teach these things. Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity,’” Cole shared quoting 1 Timothy 4:11-12. Cade shared, “I believe it is important to be a light to others, and a positive influence every day. God says that ‘You are the light of the world… let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”’ (Matthew 5:14-6). Caitlin said, “Whether it is in my faith, my friendships, my time or my passions, I strive to live each day with a full heart, a smile on my face and the light of Jesus in me.” The trio also devotes many hours to community service.

High School has been a fulfilling experience for these siblings. Cole recalled, “Definitely all of the memories that I share with close friends and siblings is something to cherish. The state meet, the Harvey volunteer work and the snowball fight will be among some of the things we look back on and cherish later in life.”

“Getting to experience high school with my brothers by my side, feeling the sense of pride I have for my swim team and teammates, singing in SoundFX and watching me and my best friends grow up together are important memories,” said Caitlin. And Cade said, “The friendships that I’ve made, everyone is really nice at Tompkins, I’m going to miss seeing my close friends every day. I will never forget the experience I’ve had on Varsity Swim.”

Next fall, this successful trio aspires to attend college at either Trinity University or Colorado College. Cole will  major in Engineering and Physics, Caitlin will focus on Biology and Pre-PA and Cade will major in Business as a Pre-Med student. Congratulations on your undeniable accomplishments and devotion to one another. Good luck as you continue to make an impact in this world in the future.