Meet Chase Horton

Photo by Dan Carter.
Meet Chase Horton

By Joan Frances –

Morton Ranch High School is home to senior Chase Horton. For the past three years, Chase has successfully excelled in academics, sports and extracurricular activities. He has earned respect from his teachers and peers and is looking forward to taking the next step in his exciting future.

Chase is a senior with many talents. He has achieved academic success in his classes to prepare him for college life after graduation. His favorite teacher was Mrs. Shawna Moulton, who taught teen leadership. Chase recalled, “She has taught me not only to be a leader, but also about myself. She knows how to bring the best out of anyone. She teaches you how to be successful, how to embrace your leadership qualities and how to speak up for yourself and others. She teaches to never give up on what you want in life.”

Chase’s coaches have also been important influences throughout his high school career. “My coaches, Mark Balser, Brenden McBride and Alan Sisk, are my mentors. They have always reminded me that there is another day and to not get caught up in one moment, push for the next, live up to your potential and never back down. Meet your fear or competition head on.”

Chase lives by the value of dedication. “Life is short, make memories, respect others and never give up. Always strive for what you want, work hard and play hard. It all works hand in hand. Never take everything so seriously or for granted, or you will miss out on those moments that you will remember forever. Make someone smile, do good deeds and giving back – these are the things to be proud of.”

Photo by Mark Baird and Susan Shearer.

For the past three years at Morton Ranch, Chase has been engaged in wrestling. In the 2016-2017 wrestling season, he took 3rd place in the Big Twelve Tournament and 2nd place at the Chicken Wing Invitational, and he has earned several medals. “My goal for wrestling was to make the Varsity team by my sophomore year and to make Captain of the Varsity team by my junior year, and I accomplished both,” shared Chase. “As a Captain of the team, I pride myself on knowing that what I teach other wrestlers helps leave a legacy that I can be proud of.  It’s rewarding knowing that I can mentor underclassmen by giving them the tools and knowledge they need to help them succeed.  To build their confidence further in this sport gives me a sense of pride and fulfillment.”

In addition to his commitments at school, Chase has been actively involved in motocross racing since he was four-years-old. “My dad started my brothers and me in this sport that demands continual drive, persistence and determination, and we sacrificed a lot with friends to be at the track practicing or racing every weekend,” said Chase. “So I guess since I was young, I have been taught that nothing comes without sacrifice and hard work. This is the reason why I had placed on my letterman jacket ‘Victory Requires Sacrifice.’”

Chase is also a full-time actor. He has acted in four short films, four commercials and performed voice-over work. He has plans to go to California during pilot season and attempt to move his career in acting forward while working on his college degree.

Chase has applied to Texas State University, Texas Tech and The University of Texas at San Antonio. He will major in Business and aspires to become an entrepreneur or a chief executive officer of a large corporation. Congratulations Chase, for your undeniable dedication and generous heart. We look forward to watching you make an impact in the world.