Meet Andrea Aragon

Meet Andrea Aragon

By Joan Frances –

Morton Ranch High School allows students many opportunities to explore their dreams for the future. Every aspect of the curriculum offers students knowledge and experience to choose the next step in life. One senior who will graduate with an impressive resume of accomplishments is Andrea Aragon.

Aragon has taken college courses, Advanced Placement (AP) classes, throughout her high school career. She is President of her class this year, as well as last year. She is an officer in the National Honor Society and photo Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook. She is a member of the National English Honor Society, Student Council, Senior Women and Superintendent Leadership Circle.

As a member of the AP Ambassadors club for the past three years, Aragon was acknowledged by receiving the AP Ambassadors Award. She is also an active participant in Young Life, and her leadership qualities are commendable. “The thing that is so fulfilling about being a leader is the feeling I get from being able to help and guide others. I enjoy the drive and hard work it takes to lead a group of people. Being a leader isn’t about superiority but cooperation and involvement. Yes, I get to be in charge, but I still work alongside the people I’m guiding. I always believed a leader should be caring, humble, understanding and very involved with the people they choose to lead.”

Aragon has two favorite teachers.  “Mr. Matthew Tollison, who taught me AP World History as a sophomore, and this year, AP European History. He is hilarious and knows how to make his students laugh, and he teaches us in a way that we understand. Without Mr. Tollison, I wouldn’t have had more light in my days when I needed it, and I wouldn’t have been able to believe in myself the way I do now. Secondly, Ms. Lauren Duhon, who is not only my wonderful yearbook adviser, but someone I can say is my friend. We have grown so close, and she’s someone that I can go to for help, whether it’s revising essays, yearbook duties or when I need someone to talk to. I constantly learn from her as a student, a photographer, a woman and most importantly, as a friend.”

In addition to her extensive academic and extracurricular commitments, Aragon spends many hours volunteering. She has helped at numerous events in the community, such as  Katy Marathon and Katy Youth Flag Football. One value that is important to Aragon is optimism. “Something that I live by is to simply keep moving forward with the best attitude I possibly can. Always. Through the positive and negative, the successes and setbacks, the tears and laughter, I always move forward. Life moves too fast for us to sit and ponder about the ‘what ifs.’”

Aragon’s active involvement in her high school these past four years are the most fulfilling to her. “I get to learn about new things every day, meet new people and help reach out to fellow classmates for whatever reason. I get to be a leader, a friend, a motivator and a team member.”

Aragon has been accepted into Texas State University and Sam Houston State University but is still waiting to hear from her first choice, the University of Texas. She will major in Political Studies/Pre-Law and aspires to be an attorney one day, hopefully one that handles immigration cases and criminal ones as well. Congratulations Andrea Aragon for your venerable accomplishments and leadership skills. Good luck as you accomplish your goal to be one for the people and ultimately, to benefit society in your future.