Meet Amanda D’Pulos

By Joan Frances | Photos by Patty D’Pulos –

A senior at Tompkins High School in Katy, Amanda D’Pulos has achieved success in every aspect of her high school career. In addition to excelling in academics, Amanda has contributed to the high standards of her school. She is a leader who has earned respect and approval from her teachers and peers, and she is headed for a very successful future.

Amanda has Taken Advanced Placement classes for most of her years at Tompkins. She is a member of the National Honor Society (NHS), Peer Assistance and Leadership (PALS) and Senior Women. She was also nominated and participated in the Tompkins Homecoming Court this past fall.

Amanda has several teachers who have taught her different lessons in life. “Mr. Brody Lipton, my dual credit English teacher, has always been able to teach his students beyond the curriculum of his classroom, and I value that more than he knows,” she said. “He teaches us to become better writers each day but also throws an occasional life lesson out to us and showcases his wisdom and outlook on life. Secondly, Coach Allison Merrell has continued to make a difference in my life. I am working with her through the PALS program. Coach Merrell is such a positive figure in my life, because she always tries to find the lighter side to any situation and has proved to her students that she is genuinely there for us whenever we may need her.”

Amanda D’Pulos singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow in Tompkins High School’s show choir performance of Good vs. Evil.

In addition to her academic accomplishments, Amanda is a leader in the choir. “I am a soprano two section leader, and I love it. Though I have minimal piano skills, I still enjoy having the ability to teach my peers the music at hand and being able to problem solve difficult sections of the choral pieces. Overall, being a section leader gives me a sense of belonging in a program that I hold close to my heart.” She is the choir historian and was the recipient of the Texas Music Educators Association Outstanding Vocalist Award in 2015.

Amanda adores her choir director Christin Reinartz. “Ms. Reinartz has taught me that you should always strive for perfection even if you don’t necessarily reach perfection at first, because you can only improve through practice,” Amanda said. “She has been a rock to lean on, and her program has made a difference in my life. I love that I have such a strong bond with Ms. Reinartz and that I know she would be there for me in a time of need. I owe her credit for the majority of my success as a choral performer.” In addition to choir, Amanda also played the role of Cinderella’s stepmother in the 2016 Tommy Tunes musical Into the Woods.

Amanda is active in practicing her religion, and she values and lives by the Bible verse found in Psalm 55:22, which says, “Cast all your burdens on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will not let the righteous be shaken.” Amanda said, “It was not until recently that I found this Bible verse and instantly felt a connection with it. In today’s society, people can feel so alone in any given complication that they are faced with. This verse gives me such a sense of belief and comfort that no matter what I face, the Lord will face it with me and keep me steady.”

In the fall, Amanda will attend Texas State University in San Marcos with a major in interdisciplinary studies (K-12 education). Congratulations on your undeniable accomplishments and incredible spirit Amanda, and good luck as you begin the next chapter of your efficacious life.