March 2018 – Exclamation Points

Spring and Football?

Delia and Henry Dibrell at the Republication Party of Fort Bend County’s Lincoln Reagan Dinner.

Happy spring Katy! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be serving as your Associate Publisher for absolutely! Katy Magazine. As many of you know, my family and I have been in the Katy community for many years, and as a former school board member, I am excited about the future of our great city. And, I’m even more excited to bring you the people, places and happenings of Katy every month!

As you receive this issue of absolutely! Katy, many of us are heading out to enjoy spring break. Seems just like yesterday that we began this school year marked by Hurricane Harvey. I don’t want us to forget our friends and neighbors who are still in recovery mode. We need to keep them in our prayers.

A spring and summer tradition here in Katy is 7on7 football. That wonderful game enjoyed by so many in our community is highlighted this month as our cover story. Football is more than a game in Katy, and 7on7 is one of the backbones of our strong Katy Youth Football (KYF) programs. Read all about what KYF offers our young football stars as they begin to love Katy’s favorite game.

Katy crossed another milestone in the dedication of the Robert and Felice Bryant Elementary School!  Bob and Felice are an example of everything it means to be a Katy resident.  There are no two more deserving and fine educators on the planet. Congratulation Bob and Felice!

Finally, we have all asked the question: Should we take our child in to the ER, or can this wait until tomorrow morning? Check out the Texas Children’s Hospital’s absolutely! Q & A column on page 28, and get important information to help you answer that question.

Have great spring break and a wonderful Easter. And let me hear from you!  I can’t wait to share the great stories of Katy!

Absolutely yours,

Henry Dibrell