Loose Back Cushion? Tight Back? It’s All in the Sofa

By Kelly Nolan –

When shopping for a new sofa, you can get overwhelmed very quickly with the process. So where do you start? We recommend looking at different interior design magazines to get an idea of the feel and style of a look that appeals to you. This can help narrow the process down quite a bit.

What are the different sofa style options? There is more than just narrowing it down to traditional or contemporary. Let’s start with the back styles. One big decision you need to make is to determine if you like a loose back cushion, an attached back or tight back. A loose back cushion tends to be more comfortable. However, one of the biggest complaints is that the cushions smash down or move around at times. With the attached back, it gives the look of the loose even though the top of the cushion is sewn to the back of the sofa. This keeps the cushion in shape without having to bother adjusting the pillows all of the time.

So what is a tight back? There are several options of tight backs. One is a smooth, flat back with a few decorative pillows added to allow for comfort and to give the client a more custom look. Another way a tight back is achieved is with tufting. The beautiful green sofa shown above has deep tufting and has a tight seat as well. “Of course, we will recommend a few pillows to add pattern and color to your room. We love pillows!” said Heather at Simply Divine Interiors.

Another finishing detail that you shouldn’t overlook is the legs of a sofa. If you are contemporary, keep it simple with a nice tapered leg. Now if you are more traditional or shabby chic, there are a few more fun options. For example, the bun foot is a classic, or a beautiful carved leg can set you apart from the every day sofa. If you do not want to see underneath the sofa, select a tailored skirt. If you are more in the shabby chic style, a gathered skirt can be adorable. Just don’t forget the legs; they can seem like a small detail but they play a big role!

Remember the way you and your family live. Let the sofa show your personality and style! Finally, have fun sofa shopping. It doesn’t just have to be a piece of furniture; it can be a piece of art!

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