Katy Strong Neighbor Helping Neighbors

Iris Poteet, Gina Leroy-Carter and Kristin Abel helped neighbors in Canyon Gate.

Hurricane Harvey blew through the Katy area with devastating impact and left his mark in neighborhoods all over the area.  Homes, schools, businesses and major road ways remained flooded for days as the waters continued to rise, even after the rain stopped.

But the Katy Community rallied and came back strong. First responders and community volunteers jumped into action and drove their trucks and boats into flood waters to rescue perfect strangers.  Katy ISD allowed multiple facilities to act as staging grounds for National Guard troops and for temporary shelters, and they used their social media following and communication resources to solicit donations of clothing, blankets, food and volunteers to assist.  Large teams of volunteers from area churches and friends and families converged into the flooded homes as the waters receded and helped residents clear out their damaged and waterlogged belongings.

The Katy community grew stronger each passing day and the strength and character of its residents rose and overcame every challenge as we embraced our new mantra: Katy Strong!