Katy ISD’s Secret Sauce

By Henry Dibrell

Traveling around Texas this summer, the number one question I have been asked over and over again is “How do you guys in Katy do it?” “How do you continue to succeed in every area year after year after year?”

Is the key to Katy ISD’s success found in the board room? Is it the seven members of the Katy ISD Board that continue to bring about this success? We as a board do provide oversight, governance, and policy directions for the district, but the secret sauce is not the Board of Trustees.

Is it the great administrators that help manage our district that insure buses run on time and that food is served on time? No, they do a great job, but it’s not them. As hard as they work, they are not the secret sauce.

Well, it must be the teachers. We have the hardest working and best group of teachers in the state of Texas, possibly the best group in the nation. So, with that being said, it has to be the teachers. Right? No.  As wonderful and skillful as our teachers are, our teachers are not the secret sauce.

Drum roll please… Katy ISD’s secret sauce, that which year after year allows Katy to be ranked as one of the best school districts in the United States, that secret sauce is our volunteers, our caring parents, and our V.I.P.’s (Volunteers In Public Schools).  The secret sauce in Katy is found in the PTA, the booster clubs, the KEYS Mentorship Program, Junior Achievement, the Watchdogs (Dads Of Great Students), and many other volunteer programs that encourage parents and the general public to get involved and stay involved in public education.  This past school year alone, 14,700 volunteers clocked in 761,321 hours of service. In Human Resource terms that equates to $16,588,988.32. WOW! These hours do not even calculate the hours our parents spend helping with homework or driving kids around from activity to activity. I want to personally say “thank you” to every parent and person who volunteers in Katy ISD.  This “thank you” also goes out to my colleagues on the Board of Trustees because we, too, are volunteers. If we as a community can continue to foster this great volunteer spirit, then we will continue to be successful as a community. I hope and pray you all have a great summer.