Katy ISD Seeks 2021 Bond to Address Rapid Student Growth

As families continue to move west of the Houston Metro area to enroll their children in the fastest-growing school district in Texas, the Katy Independent School District Board of Trustees is discussing a Community Bond Advisory Committee (CBAC) coming together to review capital needs in consideration of a May 2021 Bond Referendum.

Located within 181 square miles and serving more than 84,000 students at 71 campuses and facilities, Katy ISD is the sixth-largest school district in Texas known for its high academic performance, its award-winning staff and its highly sought out school programs, among other extra-curricular activities. On average, Katy ISD is enrolling an additional 2,400 students every school year with a projected enrollment of more than 100,000 learners by 2027.  Enrollment increases are taking place most significantly in the northwest quadrant of Katy ISD, where new communities are being developed and are expected to flourish within the next decade.

The CBAC’s planning and review of capital needs will include reviewing enrollment projections, the need for new schools and facilities to address capacity limitations while paying close attention to renovations and component replacements necessary at aging campuses and buildings.  Within the brick and mortar schools, additional areas affecting the growing student population are technology upgrades and safety and security projects to support learners and staff needs.  Katy ISD has a history of approving bonds, which dates back to at least 1994.  In 2017, school community voters approved a $609,204,553 bond with a no tax rate increase.  It provided for six new schools, a major comprehensive renovation at one campus, component replacements, expansions and safety and technology improvements among other items.  Katy ISD anticipates being able to deliver once again on a zero tax rate increase.

Due to the District’s safety protocols, only three socially distanced, in-person CBAC meetings will take place during the process.  Committee members will have the opportunity to review, vet and decide upon the capital projects to be included in the school district’s bond package, should they determine a need to recommend a referendum.  During the bond meetings, staff will provide in-depth background information associated with long-range needs, demographics and finances, which will allow the CBAC to finalize a bond package to present to the Board of Trustees on Monday, February 8th during a Special Board meeting.

For additional information about the CBAC and the bond creation process, visit katyisd.org/sites/bonds/Pages/default.aspx.