July 2017 – Exclamation Points

The All-American Katy Community

Liz Johnson, Allason James, Suzy Yankowitz, Stefanie Herbert and Denise Panepinto serving popsicles on the last day of school to all the kids.

The Katy area in July is well known for its long and lazy days at neighborhood pools, the excitement of family vacations, and the heat . . . the wonderful Texas heat. Following the starbursts and family fun of the Katy areas many 4th of July firework shows, the pace seems to slow down and the heat turns up. Katy is classic Americana at its finest.

I have to confess that my kids and I don’t do heat well.  As a matter of fact, we are usually doing everything we can in July to escape it!  July for our family is usually a great time to catch a great movie, inside, but we also enjoy the local dive in movie nights at our neighborhood pool.  My kids and I can frequently be found having a picnic at the pool for dinner and catching up on all the neighborhood happenings. The pool almost replaces their school as their social hub.  The comfort and fun our neighborhood community brings to our lives just emphasizes how much I love the Katy area and how great the people who live here are.

It should be no surprise to anyone that Katy frequently appears as the top zip codes and area to live in Texas and we are usually even ranked high nationally. Because of the draw of the Katy area, premier neighborhoods are quickly gaining notoriety for their amenities and quality of life they offer to their residents. One of the best of the best is Cane Island. Its unique entrance, location and emphasis on the Katy heritage makes for an ideal community and one we hope you take some time to visit and experience the award-winning lifestyle of the Cane Island community.  Be sure to take a look at our feature story about this absolutely! amazing Katy community!

July is also a great time to visit some of your favorite shopping spots and escape the heat. But before you do, take a look at our Christmas in July and Fabulous Finds sections to get some new ideas for your loved ones.

We hope you are having an absolutely fabulous summer with your friends and family and in your neighborhood. Be sure to keep in touch on your travels and send us some of your neighborhood events and favorite pictures from your summer adventures.

Absolutely! yours,

Liz Johnson