How Will I Make a Later in Life Move? Choice or Circumstance?

By Linda Jordan, Seniors Real Estate Specialist –

Did you know that over a million people now live in life-enriching and fulfilling independent living communities? Why aren’t more people taking advantage of the unique benefits offered? Maybe they are stuck on preconceived images and notions of what independent senior living looks like.

But isn’t the American dream to own a home? In a nutshell, yes. However, at a certain age, the American dream starts to fail us and actually take a toll on us. The time, energy, worry and money to maintain the home can become overwhelming. Additionally, we can become isolated in our home, especially after the loss of a spouse. The evidence is clear that the number and quality of the social connections you have are the best determinants of how long you will live and how healthy those years will be. It’s important to not only maintain the current friendships and social relationships but to continue to make new ones.

Many of today’s seniors have a great benefit of appreciation in their home value. This equity can now be used to improve your life and health into your golden years. Most homeowners have $500-$1,000 or more per month in extra income that can be generated by selling the home and wisely investing the built-up equity.  A consultation with your financial advisor or CPA is a great place to start for some effective number-crunching that can reveal a surprisingly affordable plan to consider independent living in a retirement community.

People move for two reasons – choice or circumstance. If you can see the wisdom in life-long learning, meaningful social connections and being mentally and physically engaged, then now is the time to make your choice.