Holiday Dinner Party Décor

By Kelly Nolan

It is that time of year again for holiday parties and festivities, and one big question that is often asked is “How do I decorate my dinner table for a holiday party?”  One thing to make sure of is that your centerpiece will not block the view of dinner guests at the table. No one wants to keep leaning over to one side in order to talk to the person across the table.

Think Big

So what are your options?  If you want something big and dramatic, get a tall, skinny, glass vase that will clear your eyesight.  You can put tree trimmings, flowers, sticks or hang decorative ornaments for some extra bling coming out of the vase.

Think Small

Another option is to have small, low decorations. For example, get bud vases and line them up and down the table.  How many of you get poinsettias for decorations or as gifts?  Trim a few flowers off, and put them in a bud vase.  This is a great way to get a festive look, and add a little color to your table.  You can also have little glass votive candles between each bud vase to add elegance.  Don’t forget your buffet table!  Line up a row of votive candles there, too.

Personalized Place Settings

Many people like to add place card settings to the table but worry that they add clutter and just get in the way. If you have placemats, get a paint pen in silver or gold, and write your guest’s name directly on it.  This will give it a custom look, and add a little elegance while not cluttering the table.

We here at Simply Divine Interiors wish everyone Happy Holidays!