Football Moms

Lydia Lozano, Taurean Muhammad, Bo and Gaby Cortez and Dalton, Mandy and Daylin Johnson.

Cover Story By Henry Dibrell |  Photo by Audrey Franceen Photography –

As we move into football season, everyone is talking about wins, losses, rosters and playoff plans. A Football Mother’s Prayer found on a social media site shares first-hand what it’s like for moms of kids involved in the fan-favorite fall sport – and wow! Moms see the world differently. absolutely! Katy reached out to three football moms for a little talk. They provided some feedback based on their experiences.

absolutely! Katy: How did you feel when your son first said he wanted to play football?

Dalton Johnson.

Mandy Johnson (Katy High School Football Mom): My immediate first response was NO! At least that was my answer to playing tackle football. I was okay with them playing flag football – it wasn’t as dangerous in my eyes. But I knew I was going to lose that battle. Don’t get me wrong, I love football – all of it – high school, college, NFL. But it’s different when it’s your kid. In my mind, they were too young. All the what-ifs ran through my mind. What if they get hurt? What if they’re not good enough?

Taurean Muhammad.

Lydia Lozano (Tompkins High School Mom): Taurean began asking to play football when he was still in diapers around 18 months old, so I had some time to assimilate to the idea. It came as a bit of a surprise given he was so young, especially because his big brother was into baseball and he had only seen it on television.  That being said, in all honesty, despite my lifelong love of football, I was not prepared for the massive boulder that manifested itself on my chest when it was my son taking the field and getting tackled. To this day, I don’t quite breathe properly until the game is over. Oddly enough, the boulder gets heavier and heavier as game day approaches.   

Bo Cortez.

Gaby Cortez (Cinco Ranch High School Mom): I worried about possible injuries, but gave in because it was something he wanted to do. I was also confident in the organization that he wanted to join, Katy Youth Football.

ak: How did you feel when you first saw your son under the Friday Night Lights?

MJ: So many emotions were going through me that day!  I was filled with so much pride and excitement. But, there was also a lot of anxiety.  I recall praying throughout that entire day, praying for their safety. I remember right before kick-off, my eyes filled with tears. They were happy tears, tears for my boys because they had worked so hard to get to that exciting and memorable point in football. And, in true mom fashion, before every play I said a little silent prayer to Jesus asking him to protect my boys. I prayed for no injuries for them and every player on the field.

LL: It was an oxymoronic mix of emotions. I was ecstatically anxious and thrilled for him, yet paralyzed with fear at the same time. I was proud knowing how hard he worked to get there but still extremely apprehensive about his safety.

GC: Excited and proud, especially because we decided to call him Bo when he was born, specifically for that moment. When he scored his first touchdown, and it was announced, Bo Cortez had a better ring than Robert Cortez.

ak: What would your advice be to a mom just starting out on the Football Mom journey?

MJ: I would tell her to enjoy the ride! It is one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences that I have been so fortunate to have with my boys. The years go by so fast, and the friendships you create with other moms last a lifetime. Yes, as moms, their safety and well-being is always going to be our main concern. But that smile on your son’s face when he scores his first touchdown, makes his first tackle or catches his first interception is priceless! So, I am so glad 10 years ago I gave in and said, “Yes, you can play tackle football.”

Daylin Johnson.

LL: Be present and learn the game if you don’t know it already. Understanding the rules and the purpose of the game helps you be more aware of how the team is doing. Enjoy their success and, if only slightly, stress less about your son being a target or at the bottom of the pile.    

GC: I would tell her that as a mom, you worry and  want to keep your child safe.  When you see him playing and getting hit and falling, your heart  stops and all you can think is, get up, get up! He finally will and all is well again. That is the worst part of football, but the thrill and proud feeling you get outweighs the bad when he scores, throws or catches a pass or tackles the opponent and everyone cheers!

Thank you ladies for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences. Best of luck this upcoming football season. We at absolutely! Katy are very proud of all of our young men across the Katy area for all of their hard work and dedication. We want to wish all of our teams a successful and safe season. See y’all under the Friday Night Lights!

A Football Mother’s Prayer

In the fall, it is time for the football season.
Mothers go to the game, but for one reason.
What is the reason? Let there be no denial,
It’s to see if her son gets up from the pile!

Oh, she may have lots of pep, and do all the cheers,
and she hasn’t missed a game in many a year.
But she doesn’t do it just to keep in style,
It’s to see if her son gets up from the pile.

She keeps track of the score and acts very alert,
Wondering how to get the bloodstains out of his shirt.
She always sits on her seat right on the aisle,
Just in case he doesn’t get up from the pile!

When the whistle blows, she strains her eyes,
for the jersey number she’s memorized.
She’ll sit quite still, heart stopped all the while,
Til’ she sees that number come up from the pile!

She’ll stand and shout, “My son stopped the play!”
“Sit down, dear, he clipped,” is all Dad can say.
She may not know a punt from a telephone dial,
But she knows when her son gets up from the pile!

Good ol’ Mom, she’s a dear, and your very best fan.
But you’ll be her little boy even when you’re a man.
She makes all your games, you think with a smile,
Just to see if “her baby” gets up from the pile!

Author Unknown