Fitness Motivation

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They say February is the busiest time of the year for gyms, weight loss products and trainers. Many people start off the new year with strong intensions of weight loss and fitness but blow their New Year’s fitness resolutions by the third week of January. Check out these cool gadgets and gear to keep you motivated through spring break!


120-techglamMany fitness gurus received a Fitbit for the holidays, but some are reluctant to use it due to the limited looks of the rubber bands. The Etsy company techGLAM combines designer Joann Mantovani’s passions and being inspired by all of the colors, images, people and places that surround her every day. The Bohemian style leather wrap bracelets are made of genuine leather cord, as well as stone, czech glass, semi-precious and Swarovski beads in a variety of colors.

Dress up your look with this beautiful piece instead of wearing the traditional rubber wrist band that seems to clash with dressy outfits. In addition to this bracelet, Mantovani has also designed pendants and bracelets that store the Fitbit Flex, Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip devices, as well as beaded sliders for Up Band by Jawbone. Visit to see the full collection.

Power Shower Refreshing Wipes

120-powershowerWho doesn’t love feeling clean? When you’ve got to squeeze a run into the middle of the afternoon, these portable wipes can help make it so you’re not grody for the second half of the day. Ideal for a quick refresh after a group run, they are safe to use on the entire body and perfect to carry to the gym or keep in your car. Now, go break a sweat! Find them at

120-drinkGlass Water Bottle with Built-in Fruit Infuser

One of the best ways to stay healthy and flush toxins is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Motivate yourself to consume more water by adding a splash of freshness with this handy water bottle that boasts a built-in flavor infuser. Simply add fresh fruit or your ingredients of choice to the infuser for a dose of fun flavor throughout the day. Find a variety of fun colors at

120-mattMonogrammed Yoga Mats

Are you looking to improve your core strength, posture, balance and flexibility by taking up yoga this year? Don’t forget to acquire a cute mat first! These high-quality foam mats designed by Sassy Southern Gals Boutique are perfect for yoga, Pilates or meditating. They offer superb grip, amazing durability and premium graphic designs that are printed directly onto the mat. Visit to choose a pattern, color, monogram style and more.


Eating too fast leads to poor digestion and poor weight control. The HAPIfork is an electronic fork that helps monitor and track your eating habits, as well as coach you into healthier eating habits. Pair the tool with your smart phone or tablet over Bluetooth to see your eating stats, such as how long it took to eat your meal, the amount of fork servings taken per minute and intervals between fork servings. Then, upload your eating data for analysis and coaching on an online dashboard. For more information, visit


120-bondPortionMate is a set of six color-coded cylinders with volumes from largest diameter to smallest diameter: green is one cup, yellow is 3/4 cup, orange is 1/2 cup, blue is 1/3 cup, red is three ounces and purple is one ounce. The purpose of these products is to help you lose weight and stay on track with portion control as you measure foods directly into your plate or bowl. Brilliant!

These measuring tools work with any diet plan. Each set includes a detailed 64 page Nutrition and Meal Planning Guide, which contains carbohydrate and calorie counts for over 500 whole foods. Visit for more information.