Fall into the Season

By Sophia Vassiliou

People are anxious to see the transition from summer to autumn on the outside of their houses with the familiar images of the season: wreaths, pumpkins, gourds, haystacks, scarecrows, fall-blooming flowers, succulents, ornamental grasses and Halloween props.

Besides fall foliage, nothing announces the change of the seasons more than your home’s front door, entryway or porch. One way to celebrate the change of the season is by decorating.  As you gather props, see what will work for the area.  Use items found around the home, from craft stores or even garage sales.

Sophia’s Tips:

1.  Spray paint small chairs, flowerpots or tables black, dark green or purple to use as pedestals or containers for display.

2.  Transfer a monogram font to a pumpkin for a unique twist.

3. Fluff up last year’s wreath with ribbon or other items.

4. Drape fall colored fabrics or use pillows on a bench.

5. Focus on striking color combinations like rusts, purple and chartreuse for a dramatic autumn backdrop.

6.  Try different textured foliage with smooth elements like pumpkins or decorative planters for contrast.

7.  As autumn progresses, edit the Halloween items for Thanksgiving.

Fall into the season with your imagination. For more information, contact Sophia at www.sophiadesigns.com.