Fall Harvest

300-vegieabsolutely! HEALTHY LIVING –  By Scott Bean  –

While it is hard to imagine the fall harvest in Houston’s September record-breaking  heat, go ahead because believe it or not, now is the time to plant your fruits and vegetables. You have probably noticed the many Farmers’ Markets popping up in places like CITYCENTRE or the new one opening in Katy later this year. This trend seems to see continued growth. As most consumers realize, fresh, green, organic fruits and vegetables do not come cheap, but there is no reason not to grow your own and save.

Now that you know what to plant, let’s talk about where and how to grow a garden. Just like real estate, it’s about location, location, location for a garden. A garden must have plenty of sun in your backyard to grow veggies. In fact, full sun is best. When arranging your crop, make sure to put the taller plants in back and smaller ones in front. This is another way to add some sunlight to all of the plants.

It goes without saying, but good soil is a must. Soil should be moist and loose, not clay like so many yards in our area. I recommend planting using an organic potting mix; however, the only way to utilize this mix to its fullest potential is to plant a garden in a raised bed. The great thing about raised beds are they are fairly easy to make using wood, stone or even left over bricks just sitting in garage. This allows control over the soil and drainage.

Finally and most importantly, have fun and make gardening a family event. Growing a vegetable garden is not supposed to be complicated. And who knows? This Thanksgiving when everyone is sitting around the table, everything might just taste a little sweeter knowing it came from your own garden.