Celebrating Easter in Katy

Grace, Aubrey, Ingrid, Smith, Andrew, Pastor Jim, Peter, Lisa and John-David Leggett.

Cover Story | By Henry Dibrell –

In observance of the most holy of Christian holidays, we had the opportunity to talk with four pastors from the Katy community. The pastors shared their thoughts about Easter, how their congregations celebrate and their Easter traditions. We hope you enjoy their stories, and we wish you and your family a blessed Easter.

Jim Leggett has served as the Senior Pastor at Grace Fellowship since the original church began in 1996. Located on South Mason Road, Grace Fellowship’s denomination is United Methodist.

Senior Pastor Jim Leggett: “On Easter Sunday, Grace Fellowship will join in unity with thousands of other Christian churches around the world. We will be of different nations, languages and denominations, but we will be unified in our celebration of the same miracle. The miracle that the Son of God, by His death on a cross and His resurrection on the third day, defeated sin and death. On that day, Christians of all nations, tribes and tongues will rejoice by declaring ‘He is risen! He is risen indeed!’

“We are grateful to be part of that worldwide celebration, and we are excited to invite our neighbors in Katy/West Houston to join us as we worship the risen Christ. We will offer lots of times and ways to celebrate and worship together, including a traditional Sunday Sunrise Service on the church grounds at 7 am.

“The Sunrise Service didn’t always exist at Grace Fellowship, but it has definitely become an integral part of our celebration of Easter. It began small, with just a few folks in a slightly ragtag tent, in 2014.  But that tent, visible from Mason Road, has gotten bigger each Easter. This year as the sun comes up, we will be ready to welcome 600 of our neighbors as we celebrate the Risen Christ.

“And all truly are welcome. Every year, we hear stories of folks who literally drive by on Easter morning, see the tent and drop in to worship with us. We love that!  Come be part of the celebration! He is risen! He is risen indeed!”

Grace Fellowship United Methodist Church
2655 South Mason Road • Katy

Life Church of Katy has been established for 18 years, and Sam Rudd has served as Pastor for eight years.  A Foursquare Church, officially known as the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, Life Church of Katy is a protestant denomination.

Pastor Sam Rudd: “Life Church comes together as family on Palm Sunday to begin our Resurrection Celebration, which utilizes an old wooden cross that has two large nails near the place where the hands of Jesus would have been placed. Each person prays and asks the Holy Spirit to lead them to write down a sin or sins that need to be confessed. The sins are written down on an index card. Each person then places the card against the nail and allows it to pierce the paper, nailing that sin to the cross.

Pastor Sam Rudd.

“On Good Friday, we have a time of personal prayer and reflection of what Jesus did for us on the cross. Personal communion is made available as people come in to spend time in prayer throughout the day. On Resurrection Sunday, we take that same wooden cross and turn it on the other side. We watch as each person brings a beautiful flower and places it on the cross. That which was a place of sin, becomes a place of freedom. That which was a symbol of death, becomes a symbol of new life. The flowers represent the resurrected life of Christ and what He accomplished on the cross. It is a way to remember that He freed us from sin and death and that by His grace, we are saved. Families celebrate the salvation they have received as they see the transformation of beauty from ashes. It is always a special time and a way to remember the amazing gift of salvation through Jesus alone.”

Life Church of Katy
26189 Westheimer Parkway • Katy

For eight years, Pastor Oliver Lee has served Next Level Ministries, an International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. The church’s Easter celebration culminates with a huge Easter Egg Hunt for children with bounce houses and refreshments for the adults.

Pastor Oliver Lee: “Next Level’s Easter celebration begins on Good Friday culminating on Easter Sunday. On Good Friday, the Church community gathers at the Pastor’s home for a time of fellowship and worship. We celebrate the Lord’s supper on this day remembering what Christ did for us on

Susan and Pastor Oliver Lee.

the cross and meditate on its significance.  After a time of prayer and worship, we all stuff the Easter eggs together and have a great time doing it.

“Easter Sunday is a day of great significance. We realize that this is one of two holidays that people who don’t normally come to Church, come to Church, so we speak a Gospel message highlighting the power of Resurrection Sunday. We talk about the hope it gives to mankind, the forgiveness offered, the salvation extended to everyone, and we speak joyfully about the chance for new beginnings.

“Easter Sunday is the reason Christianity exists. Without a resurrection, there would be no hope, no security, no deliverance from our past, and no promise of a glorious future with Christ. This is a day of celebration, because Christ after suffered on the cross, He defeated death, hell and the grave to offer us a life we could have never earned, and he paid a price for our sins we could have never paid.”

Next Level Ministries of Katy
Stephen’s Elementary School
2715 Fry Road • Katy

Pastor Lee Brockinton is not new to Katy; he pastored in the community for several years then became a missionary in Belize for 7 ½ years, where he planted a church in Belmopan, Belize.  He recently returned to Katy as the pastor for GoCHURCH, which is a Protestant Foursquare Church.

Pastor Lee Brockinton: “We will have an Easter amazing service. For the last 25+ years, I have pastored five churches and planted four of those. For Easter, we take a large cross, and the message is surrounded around the meaning of the cross. Before Jesus, the cross was a symbol of torture and pain. It was the Roman ‘Electric Chair’ – the most horrific symbol of execution. The symbol of the cross during Biblical days was a symbol of torture and pain. After Jesus, this cross has become a symbol of beauty, resurrection, victory and celebration. It is the most power symbol within Christianity.

Pastor Lee Brockinton.

“The week of Easter, we ask all of our people to bring flowers. This large cross will be centered at the front, wrapped in chicken wire – not very pretty. On Sunday in the midst of my message, the congregation will arise and bring their flowers to the cross, thus turning an ugly symbol of pain and torture into a symbol of beauty and victory. It is a powerful tradition. Families will gather after service to take family pictures. We

will also have a communion as well.”

Two Locations:
Katy Junior High School
5350 Franz Road • Katy

Wednesday’s Youth
Faith West
2225 Porter Rd• Katy

Wherever you end up on Easter Sunday, make sure it is with family and good friends. We have so many great churches in Katy. Spend some time with any one of them and let it be a start to a great Easter Sunday.