Brenna Champagne: Going For Girl Scout Gold

Cover Story | By Henry Dibrell
Photo by Country Park Portraits –

The Champagne siblings: Alexis, Connor and
Brenna Champagne.

We have all heard of an Eagle Scout. Many of our presidents were eagle scouts, as were many of our leaders in business, including doctors, lawyers and community advocates.  The Boy Scout Eagle Scout accomplishment is something we celebrate. But did you know that the Girl Scouts have an equal and even more challenging accomplishment? It’s called the Gold Award. In some ways, the Gold Award is more difficult award to earn than Eagle Scout Award.

Earning badges along the way to achieve this rank is similar for both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Both Eagle Scouts and Gold Scout awardees are able to be upgraded by one rank when joining the military and both should be celebrated. There is an outstanding young lady in our community who has achieved the prestigious Gold Scout status. Brenna Champagne is a senior at Taylor High School, and I had an opportunity to talk with her about her accomplishment.

absolutely! Katy: Brenna, tell us about your-self, and why you got involved in Girl Scouts?

Brenna Champagne: Well, my sister and brother were both in Scouts, so I was put into Scouts. I started off with a big group of girls, some I knew and some I didn’t, but a lot left, and now there’s only three of us in the troop. It was easy to stay in Scouts when you have people supporting you. It wasn’t just my parents who wanted me to stay in Scouts; it was my troop, too.

ak:  What other activities are you involved with?

BC:  I am in choir and have been since 4th grade – the Exley Choir – and the National Charity League (NCL) for mothers and daughters.  I’m also involved with my church, a member of the International Cultural Society in school, and I am in Student Leadership Forum at Taylor High School.

ak:  What is the process to earn a Gold Award in Girl Scouts, and what was your Gold Award project?

The Girl Scout Gold Award.

BC:  When you’re trying to obtain the Gold Award, you need to immediately get a Gold Award Advisor. They pretty much over look everything involving it – getting approval and such. I was really blessed to have Margaret Lincoln as my Gold Award Advisor. With every failed idea or dead end in a plan, she always helped me.

So, when we settled on my project benefitting Katy ISD as an educational resource, I needed a Project Advisor. A Project Advisor is someone who is closely related to the project and can give suggestions as needed, because after all, this is a project to serve the community. My Project Advisor was Mrs. Sharon Dworczyk in charge of the Parent Education programs at my school. I asked Mr. Scott Lamar, Katy ISD Director of Operations, some questions about recycling at our schools to use in the video and on the flyer. Now that all the pieces were in place and Mrs. Lincoln approved the plan, it was “go” time.

Kayla Carroll, Brenna and Connor Champagne.

I first needed a team, because I was one sixteen-year-old girl and was pretty helpless when it came to doing things like filming, editing and really just motivation to write emails in the summer. In the midst of my intense summer, I managed to get together my “actors” and “actresses.” This included five friends, my sister and the two girls from my troop. Also, I made two appearances in the video.  Luckily, my brother, Connor, is a journalism major, and he helped me film. Both my brother and sister have gotten their Eagle Scout and Gold Scout Award, respectively. We ran around schools in Katy ISD to film.  Mr. Bruce Campbell, technology teacher and web designer from Taylor High School, allowed us to use his camera, and then on a later date, he opened his classroom doors to allow me to edit.

I presented the project on September 20th, 2018 in Taylor High School’s Large Group Instruction (LGI). There I talked about recycling in Katy ISD, had a National Honor Society (NHS) representative speak about how Taylor does recycling and lastly, shared the video. Prior to the presentation, I made a flyer. I put the presentation information on Taylor’s website and the flyer on the Katy ISD website under community flyers. After the presentation, I posted the video on YouTube. I lastly made a binder of the presentation for future reference. The entirety of this project took 10 to 11 months.

ak:  What are some of the benefits of earning a Gold Award in Girl Scouts?

BC: Being a Girl Scout is being a part of a sisterhood like no other. I can honestly say the Gold Award proved to me that a community will do anything to help each other succeed. I can put the Gold Award on my resumé, and of course, there’s the recognition.

ak:  Now that you have achieved this major milestone, what’s next for you?

BC: I’m a junior, so SAT, senior year, college and then the rest of my life. I’m thinking about going into psychology and am not settled on a college yet. I recently looked at University of North Texas, which I enjoyed.

As Brenna so eloquently said, earning this award proved to her that a community will do anything to help each other succeed. What we encourage multiplies, and we as a community encourage these types of activities from our young women. Brenna is an outstanding young lady and a leader of tomorrow. Congratulations Brenna – Katy is so proud of you, and we can’t wait to see what your future holds!