August 2017 – Exclamation Points

Tag! You’re It!

The Johnson kids road-tripping back from their Colorado summer vacation: Ryan, Nick and Alison.

Summer is nearing its close and for some of us parents out there, that’s a good thing. I don’t know about all of you, but we have visited just about every park in Katy, seen all of the movies, hit the bowling alley a time or twelve, lived at the pool for days on end, caught up on all of our summer reading and are crafted out. Vacations have come and gone, and now, I’m lucky if my kids get out of their pajamas.

But, August is here, and the countdown to go back to school has officially started. Our junior high school is currently undergoing a major renovation, and we can’t wait to see all of the changes when school starts back. School supply lists and back-to-school shopping has commenced, and we are ready for school to start. And to all of the teachers out there, parents all around Katy are ready to say “Tag! You’re it!”

I always have mixed emotions about back-to-school time. I love that my kids are excited to see their friends, and we love our schools here in Katy. We are blessed with amazing teachers and great principals and support staff. Our PTA’s and Booster Clubs are some of the best in the state, and the community support that comes with it is phenomenal. I appreciate all of the structure and schedules of the school year just as much as I appreciate the calm and lazy days of summer.  It’s a season, and it’s time for a change.  Summer is almost over – now back to school!

Speaking of seasons, it is time to gear up for some football! High school football is about to kick off here in Katy ISD. I know more than a few proud Katy parents and fans who are ready to cheer on their student athletes, bands and drill teams as they compete at Rhodes and the brand new Legacy Stadium in the Academy Sports and Outdoors Student Activities Complex. Be sure to check out our game schedule – Friday Night Lights – to see who is playing where and when.

With summer ending, it’s also a good time to step back into your volunteer roles, and we have some great suggestions for you. The Katy and greater Houston area is home to thousands of veterans, and we are blessed to have some great organizations working to ensure their needs are met and that they are successful. I recently met with several of these great organizations and their leaders to find out more about how they are making a difference for Katy vets. Be sure to check out our cover story, Combined Forces, and learn about how these great vets have taken their service abroad and transitioned their efforts to help at home through teamwork and mentoring.

Take some time to enjoy these last few days of sleeping in, because on August 16th, Katy ISD is back in session. Be sure to send us your events, pictures and ideas as we absolutely! want to hear from you and yours. And, a special message to all of the absolutely! fabulous teachers and staff who I am about to scream “Tag!” to: Thanks for all you do. We are looking forward to another great school year!

Absolutely! yours,