Ask Alex: All About Elf

Alex Belt

Alex Belt

Everyone who knows me knows that the movie Elf is my favorite! Once October comes around, my store and my home start looking like Buddy the Elf’s home away from the North Pole. With a life-size cutout of Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf floating around the store for customers to take pictures with, who cannot fall in love with the holiday season?

Elf was a surprise hit and has become a holiday movie tradition. Along with It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story, people look forward to these movies, and it really doesn’t seem like Christmastime without them. This month, I wanted to see how well you know your Elf trivia. Whether you love the movie or not, I bet you know a few quotes from it. I hope that you enjoy this quiz as much as I love Buddy the Elf. Have a wonderful, whimsical holiday season with your families!

1.  Where does Buddy the Elf go to find his dad?

a. New York
b. Atlanta
c. Los Angeles
d. The North Pole

2. What actor was originally eyed for the part of Buddy the Elf?

a. Jim Carrey
b. Adam Sandler
c. Jimmy Fallon
d. Will Ferrell

3. Who raised Buddy the Elf?

a. Santa Claus
b. Papa Elf
c. Mrs. Clause
d. Rudolph

4. Which department store does Buddy visit after he is thrown out of his father’s office?

a. Gimbels
b. Bloomingdale’s
c. Nordstrom
d. Macy’s

5. How did Buddy answer the phone in his dad’s office?

a. “Hi, how ya doing?”
b. “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?”
c. “What’s up snowball?”
d. “Yo-Yo-Yo, it’s Buddy!”

6. What is Buddy the Elf’s favorite thing to do?

a. Helping Santa
b. Giving gifts
c. Smiling
d. Singing loud for all to hear

7. What is the best way to spread Christmas cheer?

a. Giving gifts
b. Dancing
c. Singing to animals
d. Singing loud for all to hear

8. What are elves’ main food groups?

a. Carmel, candy, sugar and spaghetti
b. Candy canes, candy corn, sugar and syrup
c. Candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup
d. Candy, Pop-Tarts®, sugar and soda

9.  What Elf cast member is also a Game of Thrones star?

a. Emilia Clarke
b. Richard Madden
c. Peter Dinklage
7. Maisie Williams

10. How much money did Will Ferrell turn down to make  Elf 2?

a. Two million
b. 50 million
c. 12 million
d. 29 million