Alexander-Smith Academy Equals Individual Attention

An Alexander-Smith education stresses concentration on the individual and development of a personal sense of values. It provides clear-cut guidelines and boundaries within which students are given flexibility of action. Dedicated to the philosophy of individual educational instruction, Alexander-Smith Academy (ASA) challenges students and enables them to realize their innate potential.

One of the unique aspects of ASA is class size. Class size is small enough (5-7 students per class) for students to get the personal attention they need, yet large enough to encourage interaction and discussion. ASA limits enrollment to seventy students to ensure unique and individualized instruction.

In keeping with its philosophy of providing structured, individualized education, ASA offers a standard college-preparatory curriculum along with advanced placement and honors courses. The size of ASA allows teachers and administrators the opportunity to customize the curriculum of students whose needs are more specific. A minimum of twenty-four credits (forty-eight semesters) is required for graduation. However, students wanting a more challenging curriculum can earn additional credits and receive recommended or distinguished honors.

In addition to the traditional classroom setting, ASA Online offers students the best of both learning access environments. Traditional ASA students can enroll in ASA Online to enhance learning. Students control the pace of the work and are not limited by the teacher or other students. ASA Online students have designated campus time to work on their courses, with a teacher nearby who can help.

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