A Healthy Start to A Great School Year

As the new school year is upon us, children and parents can ready themselves for the challenge by addressing a number of health related issues. If your child is planning to participate in an athletic activity, a sports physical is a necessity. Occasionally a child may be identified with a condition which should be addressed before engaging in strenuous athletic programs.

A very important consideration is immunization currency. Bringing your child to your local primary care physician for a well child visit is a very important way to address this important aspect of preventive healthcare. Detailed information regarding the provision of vaccines can be found on the website of the Texas Department of State Health Services (dshs.texas.gov).

Suffice it say there has been no greater accomplishment in public health than the development of vaccines. Though for some very few individual it may be sensible to avoid vaccinations for various communicable diseases, in general all individuals should avail themselves of these highly effective interventions. A special note should be made to access the annual influenza vaccine. Though this past year we saw significant flu cases even in those who were vaccinated, there was still a beneficial impact to the community in general. This vaccine typically becomes available in the early fall season and should be accessed as early as possible unless contraindicated.

The start to a new school year brings excitement and challenges. Part of excelling in your school activities means making sure your health is at its optimal status.

For more information about the state of healthcare in Texas, contact the district office of Representative John Zerwas, MD at 22310 Grand Covern Drive, Suite 110 in Katy.