Meet Author Leilani Essary Hurles

Leilani Essary Hurles

The beginning of a difficult journey: All of my life, I set my goals. Get married, have kids, retire early, travel with my husband and enjoy life. I was moving right along, too. I got a college degree, married, had three children, taught school and coached swimming.

My dad, at age ninety, was having some health issues at the time. Therefore, my husband Bill and I moved him to Fulshear to live with us. Then, it happened! The “c” word. The one word that knocks you on your butt. And that word is cancer!

After extensive surgery, I began taking chemotherapy treatments for ovarian stage three metastatic cancer. My journey has been a revolving door ever since. But what an incredible ride it has been! Who would have thought that so much good could come out of so much pain and suffering?


About Ride, Baby, Ride!: Ride, Baby, Ride! is a moving and poignant, yet very humorous story about the challenges of facing ovarian cancer. When this type of life crisis arises, it is easy for a person to get despondent and withdraw into a world of despair or denial. But, you can choose to fight. Having an uplifting feeling is what this book is all about.

The idea for the book came after I began writing e-mails that I called “Monday Updates” to friends and family giving them an up-to-date progress report on my recovery. The e-mails began spreading to various cancer and prayer groups across the country. Now, they are being published for more people to benefit from and enjoy.


How I hope readers benefit from reading Ride, Baby, Ride!:  Helping you overcome this disease with a good mental attitude is the book’s main benefit. Those sharing this difficult time with a loved one will also relate and benefit from what is being said throughout the pages of the book.

My hope is that it will bring inspiration and determination to those who need it the most and that it will give courage and motivation to those facing any life crisis and bring some humor back into their lives.



Interesting Facts

About Leilani Essary Hurles: 

Has a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Houston

Diagnosed with ovarian stage three metastatic cancer in January 2010

Battled cancer with a positive attitude, purposeful prayer and a lot of

good old-fashioned humor

Writes Monday Updates in her weekly blog:

Updates are read weekly by hundreds of readers throughout the United States

Goal is to find a cure for ovarian cancer

An ovarian cancer research fund has been started in Leilani’s name at

MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston with Dr. Michael W. Bevers as the individual in charge of the fund

Ride, Baby, Ride! can be purchased at