10 Things 2020 Taught Me I Can’t Live Without

The “Big Three” of things I cannot live without this year: wine, leggings and books – and wine.

Back in October, I wrote about the 10 lessons I have learned during COVID. It seemed fitting since it was my birthday and a time for reflecting. Now as the holidays are upon us – so incredibly quickly – I find myself once again reflecting. And yes, much of it has to do with thinking of gifts for my friends – what do they not have that they can’t live without? So, I decided to put together my list of must-haves from 2020 – the things that I learned I absolutely cannot live without.

1. Leggings: Were it not for these splendid spandex superstars, I would likely be naked from the waist down. You see, as I have grown during 2020, my leggings have grown right along with me. They’re quite magical and an absolute staple for your ever-expanding wardrobe – and waistline.

2. Wine: Now I encourage you to remember that wine is made from grapes. Grapes are a fruit. Fruit is good for you. You’re welcome.

3. My Girls: You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that when they pick up the phone, and you simply say, “Giiiirrrlllll,” they know exactly what you are talking about. Men do not have that superhero “spidey sense;” it’s solely reserved for women.

4. Netflix: Between the Tiger King, Ozark and Orange is the New Black, the absurd and macabre has truly kept Tim Kaminski and I engaged in a mutual activity. You see, he adores mindless television; I prefer to read. Mr. Kaminski likes to garden; that precious Lucas Chavez sends me all of the flowers I need, and I don’t have to get dirty. But when you add that *itch Carol Baskin and her penchant for feeding husbands to tigers into the mix, it’s truly must-see tv. Plus, my admiration for Ms. Baskin’s creativity has kept Mr. Kaminski on his toes – and I get flowers.

5. My Babies: Mostly because I am not doing that “giving birth raising teenagers” thing again. Been there, done that. My babies are young adults, and watching them navigate this year has been so incredibly fulfilling and downright interesting. Now it’s been a minefield but fortunately without permanent disasters.

6. Delivery Services: This year literally everything could be delivered to your door, and I’m all about it. My nephew Nicholas even sent me wine delivered to my door for my birthday. See #2 – the importance of wine. And yes, Nicholas is my favorite.

7. My Mother: It really is true; mothers know everything. Mine does, and if she doesn’t, she just makes it up. Sound familiar?

8. Books: Thomas Jefferson said, “I cannot live without books.” I get it. When everyone or everything is on my nerves, I just curl up with a good book. I really can tune everyone and everything else out with a good book. And if folks still try to bother me, I just begin reading to them from Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. They scatter like cockroaches.

9. Hair Tint: Y’all know what that is, right? It’s the amazing aerosol that you spray on your roots to make them magically turn from gray to brown….to red….ish. Unfortunately, it washes out, but you can get a can as big as a can of WD-40 – delivered – and it will last you a minute.

10. Tim Kaminski: Now I know y’all think I forgot about Mr. Kaminski, but I had to put him last on the list. Otherwise, he’ll get all full of himself and impossible to deal with on the daily. But we have had some grand adventures this year, and despite me donning leggings every day, he still comes home at night. And yes, I too believe his eyesight is failing.

Merry Christmas shopping for you and yours, and if you have some girls on your list, feel free to use my must-haves. And, if you buy leggings for your lady, you can get one size smaller, which will thrill her, because remember, just as we all have had to be this year, they’re quite flexible.